What Everyone Is Saying About Calories in Egg Whites

Eggs whites are am amazing way of consuming concentrated lean protein, and athletes, body-builders, and sports people use egg whites an easy way of getting the muscle building nutrients that they require. Eggs also contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs. If you are on any form of diet or weight loss plan, then you will want to know how many calories in an egg white. As this information can help you to plan your meals. The amount of calories in an egg white obviously depends on the size of the egg, so we have listed the calories in the eggs whites based on different sizes of whole eggs, along with the amount of calories in 1 cup of egg whites.

Size of Whole Egg Calories Protein
XX-Large Egg: 65g, 42g of egg white 22 4.6g
X-Large Egg: 58g, 38g of egg white 20 4.1g
Large Egg: 50g, 33g of egg white 17 3.6g
Medium Egg: 44g, 29g of egg white 15 3.2g
Small Egg: 37g, 24g of egg white 12 2.7g
1 cup of egg whites: 243g 128 26g

So how many calories in an egg white? This table shows that there is only about .5 of a calorie per gram of egg white, making egg whites an amazingly low calorie food. Combine this incredibly low calorie count with the very high protein percentage (more than 10% protein by weight) and you can see that egg whites are a fantastic source of nutrients. Most of the calories in an egg come from the egg yolk, so by only eating the egg whites you cut out a large percentage of the calories in an egg, while still getting plenty of nutrients. About 70% of the calories in a hard boiled egg for example come from the yolk.

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Calories in an Egg White

The calories in eggs is different from the calories in egg whites. How many calories in eggs is largely impacted by the egg yolk. Much less than 1% of an egg white is fat, which goes a long way to explaining why there are so few calories in an egg white. The yolk in an egg is the main component that contains calories, and by skipping the egg yolk you are effectively skipping the fat.

There is no need to completely pass up on the nutrients from an egg yolk however: you just need to moderate you intake. One way to do this is to include more egg whites than egg yolks in whatever meal you are making. If making an egg salad for example, include three or four times as many egg whites as you do egg yolks. This way you get to enjoy all the protein,. Without having to worry about the fat, cholesterol, or excess calories. While still enjoying the flavor and nutrients that comes with the yolk.

How many calories in egg whites?

Another often overlooked factor in the calories egg whites contain is the method that they are cooked. The table above is for raw egg whites, or egg whites that have had nothing added to them during the cooking process. If you are eating your egg whites fried in a pan. With oil or butter for example, the calories will be higher. If you eat egg whites from a boiled egg. Then nothing has been added to the egg, and the calories in the egg whites. This will be very similar to the ones listed above. Even if you only add a teaspoon of butter to a frying pan before cooking the egg whites. You are increasing how many calories in a egg dish.

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Calories in egg whites

Other ingredients that affect the calorie content of egg whites are ingredients that are usually included in omelettes. Butter, salt, milk, cheese, and ham are all extremely common. But will have a direct affect on the calories in egg whites. It’s no good planning your diet to include 5 egg whites a day, and then adding a huge number of other foods to the egg whites. The calories in all the ingredients need to be accounted for separately.

Eggs whites are a sensational and nutritious food, as they contain plenty of protein and other muscle building minerals. Egg whites are almost completely fat free. So most people (particularly those people on high protein diets) can benefit from having egg whites every day. People who are trying to gain weight in the form of muscle will get plenty of protein from egg whites. And for that reason many serious athletes and body builders have egg whites as a staple in their eating plan. Even if you are on a weight loss diet, egg whites will provide you with the protein your body needs. Without going overboard on the calories. Also have a look at How Many Calories in a Boiled Egg, How Many Calories in an Egg and how many calories in chicken breast.

Here are some of the ways that eggs whites can be eaten:

  • Raw (such as in a protein shake)
  • Boiled (Hard boiled or Soft Boiled)
  • Poached
  • Fried (in butter or oil)
  • In an omelette with other ingredients

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