Facts about Eggs Calories, Cholesterol and Recent Findings

Separating cholesterol from eggs calories seems to be a daunting task. Would it be safe to say that it is a choice between something good and something bad? Several years ago, we want to eliminate eggs in our diet because it is not heart healthy. The cholesterol content of eggs is bad for the heart. We just believed.

Now, there seems to be some changes in views. Eggs are no longer as bad to your health as it used to be some half a century ago. In fact, you may already be safe eating an egg a day. Let us go back to our inquiry into the good and bad sides of the calories in eggs. What are the nutrition facts that make this dairy product good? And – what is its cholesterol content to be considered bad to your health?

Eggs calories – the nutritional content

The egg is not only a protein food but an almost perfect food. It contains almost all the nutrients that make your body function effectively, except for one vitamin. The lacking nutrient is vitamin C but despite this minor deficiency, the egg is good source of nutrients and it has a very good taste making it pleasant to eat and use as cuisine ingredient.

As for the vitamins in the egg, you can count on eggs when you need vitamin A, B, D and E. It has soluble riboflavin and niacin. For the minerals, you can source from eggs your body’s need for iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, calcium and more. Most of these micro-nutrients are concentrated in the yolk and only few are in the white. You can also get amino acids as well as fatty acids. The choline in the yolk is also a very important nutrient for the brain and liver.

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Good and bad about cholesterol in eggs

The bad thing about eggs pertains to the cholesterol content which is all concentrated in the yolk. The amount of this health-risk substance is dependent upon the size of the egg, or rather size of the yolk as all of the cholesterol substances are here.

Cholesterol can be considered as a kind of fats as it belongs to the lipid fat group. As a kind of steroid, the lipid has different physiological functionality in the human body. Because of this, cholesterol is also needed by the body – in moderate and not excessive amount.

Here are other functions rendered by controlled level of cholesterol.

  • It is found in the cells in the body that tends to regulate the stability and strength of the cells.
  • It is necessary for the formation of bile that relates to fat absorption.
  • Eggs helps in the body’s absorption of the corticosteroid hormones such as estrogen testosterone and cortisol.

The bad thing about cholesterol is the LDL or bad fats that can make you gain weight. But there is an even worse effect of cholesterol. It supports the clogging of the arteries in the body such that you may develop heart ailment risk. It may also lead to hypertension and diabetes.

New scientific discoveries on eggs calories and cholesterol

With the bad and the good about the cholesterol in the eggs calories, you become mixed up, not knowing if you will really eat eggs or not. The different modern findings on the good and bad effects of cholesterol can make you formulate your own decision.

  • Eating an egg a day will not necessarily increase your risk to heart disease. However, if it is difficult for you to control your LDL cholesterol, you can set you maximum at three eggs per week or you can just eat the whites.
  • Physician’s Health Study supports the idea that an egg a day is safe for the heart but in excess, it could already be risky.
  • Some research showed that the other foods eaten with the eggs are the culprits to the elevation of cholesterol. It is the high saturated fats in the other ingredients that make an egg dangerous food.
  • The American Heart Association also declared that cholesterol in eggs is not really harmful; it is the fats in the meal that cause the bad side-effect.
  • The Harvard Research even allows egg consumption of 7 pieces a week.
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Learning about the good and the bad about eggs calories, what is your verdict? Since it is not totally harmful, you can go eggs eating but play safe by not going beyond the limit per week.