Why No One Talks About Egg Yolk Nutrition Facts Anymore

You can probably find so many references about the benefit of eggs. But you probably never pay attention to the egg yolk nutrition facts in depth. Egg yolk is the yellow portion of egg which contains a lot of kinds of nutrients. The benefits are even worthy to note, no matter how you eat it – raw or cooked. In general, egg yolk contains small amount of salt, approximately 8 mg. For some people, egg is a part of their daily breakfast.But most of them do not really pay attention to the amount of nutrients and the benefits of consuming it. Some of the important aspects you need to know when you talk about its nutrition facts are about its content of cholesterol, protein, calcium, fats, carbohydrates, iron and absolutely the phosphorus and vitamins.

Egg Yolk Nutrition Facts

Let’s talk about cholesterol and fats first. Cholesterol is the enemy for some people, and unfortunately egg yolk is loaded with cholesterol. But, they can take an egg yolk everyday as long as they have the normal cholesterol level. If you have the healthy cholesterol level too, then it is OK for you to take it. The 210 mg of cholesterol in a raw egg yolk is scary; therefore you should not take more than one egg everyday. What about the fats? You will take 4.51 g of fat every time you eat a raw egg yolk, and here is the detail: the 4.51 g of fat consists of only 1.624 g or unhealthy fat. So, the amount of good fats is still higher. Among the other aspects of egg yolk nutrition facts, people mostly just realize about its high cholesterol content.

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Nutrition in Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is a good source of protein and calcium too. If you are in certain condition where you should boost your protein intake everyday, then egg yolk is a perfect choice. The content of protein is almost 2.7 grams. And it means that you can include egg yolk into your daily diet menu. Further, calcium also becomes the significant part when talking about egg yolk nutrition facts. Calcium is absolutely needed to keep the strong and healthy bones, and egg yolk gives it to you. It presents 22 mg of calcium and really good for kids who need large amount of calcium for their body growth.

When you mention the foods or ingredients which contain high level of carbohydrate. You surely never forget to mention egg yolk. The 0.61 g of carbohydrates are quite enough to make egg yolk worthy to be your breakfast menu, together with bread and a glass of milk. Besides carbs , protein and some other essential substances, you should never forget about phosphorus. The 66.3 mg of phosphorus in every egg yolk becomes the second fact why children should have it for their breakfast. When high blood pressure is the worst enemy in your life, make sure to take more potassium, and the 19 mg of potassium is worth a try. It also becomes the next good news when you talk about egg yolk nutrition facts.

The last and the most important thing is about vitamin. Absolutely, egg yolk is one of the popular foods. Which contain a lot of vitamins, such as the VITAMIN A, B6, B12, E and also K. An egg yolk contains 245 IU of vitamin A 0.1 mg of vitamin B6 and K 0.331 mcg of vitamin B12 and also small amount of vitamin E. In conclusion, the egg yolk nutrition facts have brought the clue for you. Its about the good nutritious food you must have for your daily breakfast.