Egg Whites Nutrition Facts

At the present scenario, number of people eating eggs has reduced as compared to previous years. This is because of news, which spread over a time, such as an egg is not beneficial for health and provides harmful results. In addition, many people have misconception of having bird flu by eating eggs. However, it is not true eventually. Well, we are here to discuss about the nutrition facts of egg whites, egg yolks and whole egg.

Egg Whites Nutrition Facts

Commonly, egg white is a white liquid part of an egg other than yellow part. It is also known as glaire or albumen. It includes 15% of proteins, which is dissolve in water, and has 17 calorie approx. The natural term for egg white is protecting the yolk i.e. yellow part within egg. It includes high nutritional level and helps in growing the embryo. Basically, egg whites nutrition facts have shown that it has many gastronomic and non gastronomic benefits for people.

Egg yolk is a yellow part of egg, it has more of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat and overall high cholesterol. Most of the dieters separate the yellow part from the egg, and only consume the white part to avoid cholesterol and fat. However, the fact is it has many of the benefits on our health, and as a food supplement, it is one of the best foods to consume for proteins.

No doubt, egg whites have basic work of protecting the egg yolk. It provides growth essentials to yolk as it has high nutrition and proteins. People consuming only egg whites get high amount of proteins and even vitamins and minerals. Egg whites also reduce the chances of a disease called cancer. It also helps in curing tumors and other problems. Egg whites are essential provider of energy.

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Egg Whites Vs. Egg Yolk

In comparison to egg whites, egg yolk has fat, high cholesterol and moreover it has many other harmful effects on health. As some studies shows that egg whites nutrition facts are not many but still that are enough to make convince to eat an egg a day on regular basis. Egg as a whole has more nutritional value in comparison to eating egg white only. This is because egg yolk has most of the fat and cholesterol present in it and includes vitamins and minerals factors, which helps in building a good health.

Manufacturers of bodybuilding supplements usually include egg whites in their food supplement products as it is proven way to get protein in high amount. Many of the experts and trainers also recommend egg whites to eat on regular basis to make sound and fit body. However, to balance amino acids profile, one needs to eat egg whites with egg yolks. Even protein is also provided in high quantity. Egg yolks and whites together are also beneficial for overall health.

Thus, egg whites nutrition facts are disclosed above, there are not many but they are enough to get knowledge about its favorable effects on health.

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