Why Your Mother Lied to You About Egg White Nutrition Facts

Egg white nutrition facts maybe are ignored by many people because they heard about the bad reputation of egg in the daily menu. People think that egg contains high fat as well as cholesterol so it will not be great option for their healthy meal. People are sensitive with the foods which has high cholesterol level after all because they want to maintain their health and the most important thing keep their body weight.

However, people must not forget that there are various kinds of health benefit which can be found from the egg especially egg white. Maybe people think that they will not get full packed nutrients in egg white nutrition facts but there are some health benefits which do not come with a lot of calories content in egg white nutrition facts.

Egg White Nutrition Facts is Cholesterol Free

The very first great reason which makes people should include egg white nutrition facts in their menu is because it is free from cholesterol. The main source of cholesterol in egg can be found in the egg yolk. By eating only the egg white, people will be able to get the nutritious egg without having to consume the cholesterol which can be bad for their health with over consumption.

People should limit their cholesterol consumption on egg white nutrition facts although they do not have health problem. People who have health problem especially cardiovascular disease and diabetes should limit the cholesterol consumption much more.

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Egg White Nutrition Facts is Rich in Protein

Protein becomes very important for muscles building and cell regeneration. One of the best sources of protein which can be found is egg white nutrition facts. Instead of buying fish, poultry, or lean meat which has expensive price, people can fulfill their protein need by choosing egg white which is offered with affordable price. Four grams of protein can be found from a single egg white nutrition facts. It is pure protein which is free from the fat from the yolk of course.

There is no fat which will be consumed but it will be different. If the egg white nutrition facts is fried up in the butter or greasy oil. People can prevent the heart disease risk by choosing the protein sources which have low fat content.

Egg White Nutrition Facts is Low Calories

A single egg with large size only comes with 71 calories and there is no question. That this fact can make people start their healthy diet with egg white nutrition facts. However, if people leave the egg yolk. They will only get about 16 calories in just the egg white nutrition facts. That is why people should consider cooking the egg by adding the egg whites in the omelet for instance. It is not the only benefits which can be found from the egg white nutrition facts.

People will also find that there is no fat in the egg yolk. There are also some other nutrients which can be found in the egg white nutrition facts. Including folate, selenium, calcium, magnesium, as well as phosphorus. It is true that egg white can be a great option. Which can be made into delicious food with affordable price for healthy diet. Bodybuilding effort can also be supported with egg white nutrition facts.