Egg White Nutrition Facts And Rapid Weight Loss?

Everybody wants to lose weight nowadays, including me. I’m currently on the Eat Stop Eat Diet that allows me to have just about anything I want as long as I follow a strategic pattern involving intermittent fasting. It’s very flexible and I’m happy to say it’s quite effective as well.

But one of my main concerns ever since beginning this diet is getting sufficient protein without a lot of fat so I can avoid muscle loss on days when my calories are quite low. And that’s when I began researching egg white nutrition facts and incorporating more eggs into my eating plan.

Calories In Egg Whites Are Insanely Low

What’s awesome about egg whites is they contain less than 20 calories per egg. If you break down egg whites into calorie percentages, 3-4% is fat, 6% is carbohydrates, and 91% is muscle-building protein. If you’re worried about carbs, egg whites have less than a single gram of carbohydrates (Around 0.24 g to be accurate). And fat is almost non-existent at 0.06 g or less.

Egg yolks contain around 60 calories so all together an egg has about 80 calories which is still a real drop in the bucket. But the egg white calories are so few that you can actually burn them all off by doing only 5 minutes of jogging, weight lifting, walking, or cycling. I tend to do more weight lifting so that I can strengthen my muscle fibers and still cut plenty of fat from my diet.

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The only way to reduce this count any more is by watching your cooking ingredients. You can cut the amount of butter you use for cooking in half and It’ll still be plenty tasty. I promise.

Because Of The Ample Protein, Weight Loss Is More Effective And Rapid

The protein in eggs is about 6 g per egg (12% of your daily recommended amount) and the egg white contains about 3.5 g. And since eggs provide all the necessary amino acids in a very efficient pattern for our bodies, they’re one of the best found natural sources of protein.

And I know that the average person might not buy into all the “protein-hype” that’s associated with losing weight and the such, but there are a ton of benefits to being “protein-smart”. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Protein requires about 30% of its own calories just to digest by itself.
  2. It acts as a mild natural appetite suppressant that will make you feel fuller longer according to a 2005 study called The Short-Term Effect Of Eggs On Satiety In Overweight And Obese Subjects. This is one of the main reasons eggs have become such a traditional breakfast food.
  3. Protein supplies more energy helping you to feel awake in the morning.
  4. Also, consistent protein consumption can prevent muscle loss as you get older and help increase your current muscle strength.

If I have a couple protein shakes each day as a meal replacement and top it off with an intense workout 3 times a week like Visual Impact Training or something similar, then I feel golden. I was beginning to tell that these egg white nutrition facts were the key to stronger muscle fibers.

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Egg White Recipes To Try

I think one of the reasons people don’t dive into egg whites is because they’re not sure how to cook with them. Honestly, you cook them just like any other egg, but here are a couple recipes that I personally love.

The Eggcellent Egg White Breakfast


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 slice of tomato
  • swiss cheese
  • 1 english muffin


For this, you toast the english muffin and cook the egg whites to your own taste. Then you put a little swiss cheese on the muffin and then put the rest on the egg whites while forming a little cheese pocket by folding the egg whites around the cheese allowing it to melt a bit. Then you place the egg whites with cheese on the muffin and top it with the tomato slice.

Does that sound good or does that sound good?

Fiesta Egg Whites

This only involves egg whites, salsa, and your favorite shredded cheese mixture and you simply mix all the ingredients in a bowl, pour into frying pan, and top with a little more cheese when all is cooked. It’s simple, but oh so good.

Pay Attention To The Egg White Nutrition Facts For Easier Weight Loss

As you can see, egg whites nutrition definitely isn’t something to just brush off. They are just so healthy and there are plenty of ways to prepare them for a delicious dish.

They virtually have no cholesterol or fat and they’re full of muscle-building protein. And if you combine them into a powerful diet like Eat Stop Eat, you’ll achieve a leaner and more toned physique faster than you expect.

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More About Egg White Nutrition Facts