Egg White Calories: A Healthy Way to Live

The egg white calories are very low compared to those of the yolk. For one large egg, the calories will only be 17. That is why it’s good for the health. It doesn’t have a lot of fat and doesn’t contain huge level of cholesterol.

Besides the calories in egg whites, there are also plenty of minerals and healthy substances that you can derive from the eggs

Egg White Calories

1. Selenium. The egg white calories may only provide you of the energy that you need to keep yourself going, but selenium can give you a much better immune system, so you can ward off infection. It also functions as an antioxidant, which means it can remove toxins from the body.

2. B vitamins. The ultimate secret to using egg white calories to your advantage will be the B vitamins. These include riboflavin and folate. Both of them can help change the calorie from the egg white or even from the egg yolk to energy. Moreover, maintenance of egg white nutrition is important for would-be mothers, since folate can prevent the development of baby defects during birth.

3. Choline. This special substance helps keep those cell membranes healthy. Moreover, the calories in egg white, together with choline, can boost your mental power. There is a lesser chance that you will experience memory gap or loss, especially when you start growing old.

4. Vitamin A. Aside from egg white calories, a simple egg can also contain vitamin A, the same vitamin that you will derive from green leafy vegetables. It’s extremely useful for those who have to use their eyes constantly, as it maintains proper vision. It will also promote cell regeneration and rebuilding of tissue, particularly when you suffer from injuries. Lastly, the egg whites nutrition can encourage healthier and more glowing skin.

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As you know, egg is one of the major sources of protein. The egg whites calories will not only boost your metabolism, but an egg can also help build stronger bones, better muscles, and promote growth.

Maintaining a Healthy Egg White Nutrition

There’s definitely no denying that egg white calories are extremely useful and helpful for anyone. However, it’s important that you’re still able to control your intake of them. For example, it’s not actually a good idea to eat or even drink egg white more than two times a day. Keep in mind that they still contain fat, and too much of it may be one of the causes of heart-related diseases and cholesterol problems.

When cooking the egg white with the yolk, you may want to get rid of butter and oil, so as not to add some more fat into the food. Moreover, you may have seen athletes gobbling raw eggs to increase their stamina. Though this strategy seems to be effective for them, this is not advisable. This is because nobody really knows what kinds of bacteria or other microorganisms that may have lived inside the egg. The best way is still to cook the eggs before eating them.

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