Folk Remedies for Improving Your Life Using Only Edamame Nutrition Facts

You will often get to hear about edamame in a restaurant or dinning place. Many wonder what exactly is this thing and how would it taste! Well, it is just a decorative name for boiled green soybeans.

Yes! It is right what you just read. It is just simple boiled green soybeans that you can prepare at home. Or you do most of the days. Although it may sound pretty normal and simple to you, Edamame nutrition facts has great nutritional benefits to offer to you. You can also call them “negative calorie foods”. Although “negative calorie foods” does not exist literally. Green soybeans are called so because they have very low quantity of calories in them. But require a lot of calories to get digest. This makes your body loose much calorie and could help you reduce your weight.

Edamame Nutrition Facts

Although these are boiled green soybeans, it may sound dull and tasteless. But, to much astonishment, these bean pods tastes really good and a pinch of salt makes it even tastier. Besides having a pleasant taste, edamame nutrition facts has tonnes of nutritional benefits packed in them. Here is a detail according to nutritional benefits that you would obtain from half cup or 100 grams of these beans.

•   120 calories
•   2.5 grams fat
•   9 grams of fiber
•   6% daily value for calcium.
•   0.5 grams of mono-saturated fats
•   8 % daily value for vitamin A
•   1.5 grams poly-unsaturated fat
•   13 grams carbohydrate
•   11 grams protein
•   6 milligram sodium
•   10 % daily value for iron
•   10% daily value for vitamin C
•   16% magnesium
•   5% vitamin B-6

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As you can see, these edamame nutrition facts are high in iron as compared to other plant products. It also contains two main anti-oxidants, Vitamin A and C. Anti-oxidants help purify your body from inside and counterpart the harmful effects that you obtain from other foods like meat and burgers.

In facts, it is high in fiber, which ensures that all the nutrients of the food is absorbed by your body properly. Also the unnecessary products pass away as roughage from your body. They are similar to nuts on the grounds of fat content. They prove to be a great substitute for nuts. So people allergic to nuts can consume edamame in their diet.

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