Drinking Chia Seeds, Healthy and Beneficial

Chia seeds, they are super delicious and popular. However, they are also super expensive! You must spend nearly $5 drinking chia seeds in a bottle. It’s more expensive than gasoline, kombucha, and champagne, isn’t it? Is there any method to reduce the cost to drink this healthy beverage? First things first, why should you we consume chia seeds? Well, they contain rich amount of omega 3, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants than other sources. They are different from flaxseeds, which is vulnerable to rancidity. Chia seeds are complete protein and they are fun to eat. This health food can be included into healthy drink. It has natural sugar, protein, and fatty acids.

Drinking Chia Seeds Gives Many Benefits

It’s no doubt that chia seed gel could be the perfect snack and beverage, which gives you full sensation. How can we make it? There are many ingredients to include such as 1 cup of water, 1 cup of preferred juice, and 3 tablespoon of chia seeds. Remember, you should get the organic seeds from the health stores. To make healthy chia seed beverage, you need to warm up water first. Put in 30 ml of chia seeds on it and stir them well. Keep stirring until they start swelling. Chia seeds will be blown up and they become gelatinous.

Many people have the confession about chia drink. The basic ingredient will be chia seeds. You can find them at health stores. However, what are they? These seeds are related mostly to the mint folks. Originally, they come from California, Mexico, and Guatemala. It has been said that Aztec people cultivated chia seeds as the energy enhancer during gathering and hunting times. Natively, these seeds are still used in South America as a drink source and nutritious food. What’s chia juice? Do we really need to drink it? Let’s learn more about it.

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More Nutrients by Drinking Chia Seeds

Recently, chia seeds drink has been popular because of its various advantages. It’s categorized as a super food. It gives us more energy, hydration, weight management, better immunity, and thorough health improvements. This health food is rich in omega 3 acids and antioxidants. In fact, its amount of fatty acids is more than salmon. Chia seeds give more calcium intake than milk. They are fortified in minerals and vitamins such as copper, potassium, zinz, and iron. In fact, they are both gluten and cholesterol free. Their high fiber helps us to reduce appetite without starving. Therefore, they help us for better weight management.

Moreover, chia seed drink is also efficient as protein source. It seems so unreal, isn’t it? However, we must include this health food into our diet. Chia juice is majestic energy booster, and we don’t need to ground the seeds. This juice is good for hydration because it gives more water to our body. How can we rehydrate them? The most regular ratio will be 1 to 4. We must combine 1 part of chia with 4 parts of water. Then we should wait them to plump up. We can be creative to try chia seeds with different beverage.

Other Ways To Drink Chia Seeds

There are many ways how to drink chia seeds. We can simply add the seeds over any beverage such as tea, smoothies, soy milk, almond milk, and many others. Just adding 1 tablespoon of chia seeds will give us many benefits. Drinking chia juice can detoxify our body. What are the options? The most popular one is Fresca Chia. We can use chia with 1 cup of coconut water. It gives more electrolytes to our body. It’s perfect to drink after busy activities and workout. We shouldn’t always use the coconut water. Plain water works as well.

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Drinking Chia Seeds – Fruta

Another popular way drinking chia seeds in water is through Fruta Chia recipe. We can make it in powerful blender. The combination of chia seeds and fresh fruits / vegetables will be beneficial for our energy intake. This drink can be great for morning and mid-day energy enhancement. There have been many ads about this energy drink. There are many flavor options and combinations. Also, the health benefit is undeniable. If we can have fun and fruity beverage to keep full longer, what gives the doubt? Chia beverages are worth buying. We can make it in minutes with various options of flavor.

Calories In Chia Seeds

How much are chia seeds calories? Commonly, chia beverage contains 23% whole protein by weight. It’s in fact the highest amount that we can take from plants. We can obtain more calcium, minerals, magnesium, antioxidant, and omega 3 fatty acids. With all of these benefits, there’s no need to worry about the effects. Chia has 2 basic types of fiber: insoluble and soluble. Both of them don’t give additional calorie intake. Another benefit to make chia seed beverage is the flavor. We can include different flavors by mixing seasonal fruits, raspberry, and others.

Side Effect of Drinking Chia Seeds

Then, we should pay attention about the portion or dosage. It will be bad if we can’t control the frequency of chia seed drink to consume. The dosage for those with poor blood pressure should be approved by nutritionist and doctor. This is because the seeds will lower the blood pressure drastically. What’s about the person with high blood pressure? In this condition, the person such consult to the expert as well. Among any chia beverages, green smoothie is the best one. It stabilizes blood sugar in our body, enhances energy, and reduces our food cravings. Try including chia to our smoothie each day. We might get the positive result soon.

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It’s shouldn’t be expensive drinking chia seeds. You can make your own recipe in simpler effort. Chia seeds will hydrate in almost everything that’s not too bitter. It means that you can’t make chia gel in wholesome lemon beverage. 1 tablespoon of dry chia seeds makes nine tablespoons of chia solidified form. The regular ratio is 1 to 9. Well, you can make the gel in the first place with plain water. To prevent clumping, you should deliberately shake it. The forming process takes 15 minutes to form. There’s simpler method to make the gel. It’s by adding to your favorite beverage such as tea or juice.

More About Chia Seeds