Does Soy Milk Have Calcium?

Soy milk is a new alternative of healthy beverage and start to rise in popularity for its unique taste and good benefits. However, it still remains the big question for some people: does soy milk have calcium? It is not a surprising question since many people start to replace their dairy milk with soy milk while in fact the cow/dairy milk can provide people with higher calcium to support their bone structure.

Does Soy Milk Have Calcium? In this case, there are a lot of researches done to unveil the fact about calcium content in such milk and the experts find that soy milk calcium is much lower than the common milk or dairy milk on the market. Even the fresh and organic soy milk products cannot provide people with adequate amount of calcium. Commonly, the soy milk products on the market are “calcium fortified.”

Does Soy Milk Have Calcium?

So, it is right to rely on soy juice/milk to gain calcium? The answer is no. It should be related to the other kinds of milk as well. In general, milk only bring for about 35 milligrams of calcium and it is really small if compared to the ideal daily need of such substances by adults. If someone wishes to gain higher calcium, there are two different options to consider: choosing the other types of milk with higher calcium or increasing the consumption of soy milk.

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Does soy milk have calcium to support the good bone growth and also good bone structure for babies? The answer is yes as long as you give other foods or milk which brings good level of calcium for them. In short, it is not a good idea to only rely on soy juice to fulfil the needs of calcium. Some researches even find that soy juice has almost the same nutrition with cow milk, except the amount of calcium.

The soy based product (especially milk) on the market commonly comes and enriched with some vitamins, including vitamin B12. It is also enriched with protein, thus the protein level is made almost the same as cow milk. The natural soy milk brings only little amount of digestible calcium because it is bound to the bean’s pulp and absolutely insoluble in a human.

That’s why, some manufacturers add calcium carbonate to balance such fact and finally provide the good solution to dissolve calcium in the acid of the stomach. Slowly but sure, people start to find the facts and answers for their question: does soy milk have calcium. They also start to pay attention to the nutrition fact, including the matter of “calcium fortified” milk.

So, should people back to cow’s milk to fulfill the nutrition needs in their daily life? The answer depends on their condition and it refers to the major substances they really need. For babies, soy milk cannot fully replace the cow’s milk due to the lack of few essential substances which are inevitably needed for their perfect growth. Consequently, parents should still buy some cans of cow’s milk for their babies for better future health.

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Above all of the discussions about the question does soy milk have calcium, the question is now about the amount of calcium which will be absorbed by human body. It refers to the importance of getting the adequate supply of calcium and the capability of human body to absorb the calcium brought by some milk. In fact, choosing the “calcium fortified” milk will require people to look at the fact that human body will not fully absorb the calcium in milk and will take/absorb only 25% of soy milk calcium.

People should not feel worry about such thing, since the more soy milk they take, the higher amount of calcium their body will absorb. will you still asking does soy milk have calcium?

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