Do you Really Need Digestive Enzyme Supplements and Probiotics?

Exciting new research has found there is a strong association between digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics. Individuals who either suffer from digestive ailments or who wish to improve their overall digestive health will find this link to be of tremendous benefit.

In recent years, many people have increasingly turned to digestive aids and supplements fortified with probiotics as a way to boost their digestive health. The line of thinking behind this move is quite simple. There are two different types of bacteria found within the intestinal tract; good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria that are produced naturally within the intestinal tract. To maintain a healthy digestive system it is important to eliminate bad bacteria and promote good bacteria. When food products with probiotics were first introduced it was with the thought in mind that digestive health could be improved by introducing more good bacteria or probiotics into the digestive health through certain foods. Dairy foods with probiotics have become immensely popular because of this.

Do you Really Need Digestive Enzyme Supplements and Probiotics?

The only problem with this concept is that outside of the intestine, probiotics do not exist naturally. They cannot be found naturally in any foods. Instead, they must be artificially produced and then added to food products. This is accomplished through an artificial fermentation process. Ongoing research has now found that the benefits once linked to artificial probiotics may not actually be possible. Furthermore, there is also now growing concern that the fermentation process used to produce such artificial probiotics might provide more harm than good.

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While this news might seem discouraging at first, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of health supplements to boost your digestive health. What it means is that it is important to look for digestive enzyme supplements with prebiotics rather than focusing on digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics.

When looking for a digestive health supplement, it is imperative that you look for a supplement that contains not only prebiotics but also several other essential compounds as well. For instance, it is important to look for a digestive supplement that contains phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds are the same compounds that are found naturally in the skin of certain fruits such as kiwi fruit. These compounds are essential for preventing the growth of bad bacteria and promoting the growth of good bacteria, or probiotics, in the intestine. Phenolic compounds help to naturally produce probiotics from the inside.

You also need to look for a digestive supplement that contains digestive enzymes. Enzymes, which are food based, help to break down food after we eat it. This is extremely important to the overall digestive process. They are particularly important for breaking down hard to digest proteins, including those that come from animal and milk proteins.

Not only should the digestive supplement you choose contain the right compounds, but it is also important to look for a supplement manufactured with only the highest quality process to ensure none of those essential compounds are destroyed. A supplement such as Digesten-K can provide you with all of the digestive enzymes and prebiotics you need to promote optimal digestive health.

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