The Truth about Digestive Bacteria Supplements

When you are looking for a supplement to boost your health, it is important to make sure you know the truth about digestive bacteria supplements. Today there are more digestive health supplements on the market than ever before. Many of these supplements contain probiotics or bacteria which reportedly work to improve your digestive health. These bacteria are referred to as probiotics. Among the benefits associated with such digestive supplements are the ability to regulate your digestive system and to cure recurrent diarrhea.

Probiotics are important to a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live inside the intestinal tract. Inside the gut there are two types of bacteria; good bacteria or probiotics and bad bacteria.

The Truth about Digestive Bacteria Supplements

Within a healthy digestive system it is important to try to increase good bacteria and reduce bad bacteria. While it might seem as though improving your digestive health would be as simple as eating probiotics regularly, there are a few problems with this concept. One of those problems is the fact that probiotics do not naturally exist anywhere outside the intestine. This means that you cannot increase your probiotic intake naturally from any foods. In order to consume more probiotics, it is necessary to use products or supplements that contain artificial probiotics.

The digestive supplements on the market at the current time that contain healthy bacteria actually contain bacteria that have been manufactured in an artificial fermentation process. Research has now indicated that such supplements may not be effective at all and could even be dangerous due to the fermentation process used to manufacture them.

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There is a way that you can boost the good bacteria or probiotics in your intestinal tract; however, without taking artificial bacteria supplements. The key is to increase your intake of prebiotics as opposed to probiotics. Prebiotics are essential compounds that work to combat bad bacteria in the intestine while at the same time increasing good bacteria. Moreover, prebiotics can be found naturally within many foods including unrefined oats, unrefined barley, raw onions, artichokes and kiwi fruit.

One of the ways you could take advantage of the benefits of prebiotics to boost your digestive health would be to eat more of these foods.

Not only can this be inconvenient but many people also find it difficult to keep such foods on hand, especially those that are seasonal in nature.

Rather than trying to eat enough foods each day to gain those digestive health benefits, there are other solutions available.

For instance, you could also benefit by using digestive bacteria supplements, provided the supplements contain the right kind of bacteria. When looking for a digestive supplement that contains healthy bacteria, make certain it contains prebiotics as opposed to probiotics.

This type of supplement, such as Digesten-K, will help you to eradicate bad bacteria in the intestine while increasing good bacteria. Digesten-K is completely tasteful and offers the same benefits in a single capsule as could be attained from consuming two kiwi fruits per day.

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