Difference Between White, Milk and Dark Chocolates

I always wondered what made each chocolate so different from the other; was it the taste, was it the color, or was it the ingredients. Later I realized it is a combination of all three and in addition the health benefits and flaws that each of these chocolates has in them.

Difference Between White, Milk and Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates have higher content of cacao in them, hence the dark brown color. Milk chocolates have less contents of cacao but more of milk, hence the light brown color. White chocolate on the other hand is different from both milk and dark chocolate as it does not contain the chocolate liquor derived from cacao; hence it is not believed to be chocolate by many. Real chocolate specialists believe chocolate is chocolate if it has chocolate in it.

The other aspect that differentiates each chocolate from the other is their history. When cacao was first discovered about 3000 years ago it was used in its plain form (dark) and was sometimes mixed with vanilla or spices to add flavor. It was drunk directly as dark chocolate because it was not known then that milk could have been added to make the dark chocolate drink taste better. The first time milk was ever added to the chocolate drink was only during the late 1600s by a physician and botanist named Hans Sloane of Jamaica and the first time milk was added to a chocolate bar to invent milk chocolate bars that we eat today was in 1879 by Rudolphe Lindt, who was the founder and inventor of the Lindt Chocolate Factory.

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Amongst the three chocolates, dark chocolate is the healthiest. Even when it was first discovered and used it was used mainly for its medicinal values as cacao beans contain high quantities of antioxidants and only dark chocolate out of the three contains more of these cacao beans; therefore it is more beneficial for our health.

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