The Benefit of Dates Based on Its Nutritional Value

Some people might already know about dates. When we say dates, the sweet taste and dark color are the cross on our mind after that. For your information, dates have long process in growing. It needs three to five years to make date palms to bear fruit. Also, this time is not enough yet since dates will fully mature after at 12 years. It must be the unique one, and the taste is sweet and so delicious. Besides, there is also some benefit for consuming dates for your health. Based on dates nutritional value, dates is good for your health.

Dates Nutritional Value

Before knowing more about the benefit of consuming dates, you may also know about dates nutritional value. In every 100 gram of dates, it contains 277 kcal with 1kcal as calories from fat. It has neither trans-fat nor saturated fat. For total carbohydrate, it has 75 gram with 7 gram of dietary fiber and 66 gram of sugar. It also contains 2 gram of protein which is 3% of vitamin A, 6% of calcium, and 5% of iron.

Benefits of Consuming Dates

Then, after knowing the dates nutritional value, we can jump to the benefit of consuming dates in daily life. Here are some advantages from dates:

  1. It will help you to prevent bad cholesterol absorption since it will move waste smoothly through the colon,
  2. Dates contains vitamin A which can protect your eyes, protect your lungs from cancer, and maintain healthier skin,
  3. Not only vitamin A, but dates also contains vitamin K which has function to metabolize bones,
  4. Eating dates regularly will help you to against damage from free radicals,
  5. Dates also can take as a prevention to stroke and coronary heart disease,
  6. If you like to consume dates regularly, it will help you in preventing some development diseases.
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More About Dates Nutritional Value