Get The Benefits of Dates Based on Its Nutrition Facts!

Consuming vegetables and fruits is the important one to balance our supply. There are so many kinds of fruits that can be chosen as your supply. As the best recommendation, dates can be your additional amount in daily life. Based on dates nutrition facts, there are some benefits that can you get from consuming it in everyday routine. Especially, for some Muslim dates is one of food that must be presented in fasting time. Typically, dates will be eaten as the first food during iftar. As the most favorite one, there is some benefit that can you take from dates.

Benefits of Dates for Your Health

As the sweet fruit, dates has certain advantages for your health. First, dates contain dietary fiber which will help you to prevent bad cholesterol on your body absorption. Second, the iron content of the component of hemoglobin will help you to balance the oxygen in your blood. Third, there areis also an electrolyte of potassium. This content will help you to control your blood pressure and heart rate in the stable. Fourth, based on dates nutrition facts, there are numerous vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin K.

The vitamin A in dates has benefit for the protection of mouth and lungs from developing cancer. Moreover, this vitamin in dates also will help you to protect your eyes and skin’s health. Then, vitamin B in dates will assist you in the maintenance of the light-filtering functions. Also, it has also a function to protect it for a fight to macular degeneration. The last vitamin that is contained in dates is vitamin K. As dates nutrition facts, the vitamin K has benefited as metabolizer of bones and also will help your blood coagulant. So, dates must be the best choice for the maintenance of our health.

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