The Darker Side of Dark Chocolates

Now that you have read and researched the web on the benefits of dark chocolate, do not get very excited and grow wings as there are some effects of dark chocolate. Thankfully there are no major effects but minor ones which can be controlled if the right quantity of chocolate is eaten.

Its common sense never to eat any food over moderation as it will only cause damage instead of benefiting us. Any food including dark chocolates can help us if we use them and not misuse them.

The Darker Side of Dark Chocolates

Alright, now let us get back to the side effects of dark chocolate. Too many chocolates can reduce the density in our bones and can aggravate headaches in people who suffer with migraines. Some manufactures of dark chocolates have saturated fats and sugars added to their chocolates, which only increases our calorie levels.

Even though this does not relate to you directly but you must keep away your dark chocolates from your pet as they animals cannot digest chocolates and might end up falling sick or dead.

It is a known fact that dark chocolates contain high amounts of caffeine, which can be the cause for insomnia, hypertension, dehydration, and the inability to think straight. Another risk factor about dark chocolate is that it can cause kidney stones as most chocolates contain the chemical known as oxalates in them.

When chocolates are processed they are exposed to certain amounts of lead and cadmium which can be dangerous for humans. In fact some years back AESI (American Environmental Safety Institute had filed lawsuits against many chocolate manufacturers such as Nestle, Mars, Hershey, Rocky Mountain etc in the Superior Court in Los Angeles to force these companies to lower their lead and cadmium levels. However, most of these companies have refuted these allegations as baseless.

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Nevertheless, it is our duties to refrain from consuming too many dark chocolates to stay healthy, irrelevant of what they contain or not.

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