Dangers of Unripe Papaya in Pregnancy

Unripe Papaya contains high concentrations of Latex, this latex concentration reduces upon ripening. The Papaya latex’s main components are papain and chymopapain which have abnormalities of physiological development (teratogenic) and abortifacient effects which can induce an abortion. It does this by boosting up the chances of uterine contractions as the papain acts like oxytocin and prostaglandin which are known to put mother body into labour and hence make a bad effect on the babies and mothers health.

The Latex can also cause bleeding placentas, this can result complications in pregnancy and normally force an early delivery.

So, Can Pregnant Woman Eat Papaya?

As it explain above, women in pregnancy should not eat unripe or raw papaya, however it is perfectly safe for them to eat a fully ripened Papaya as the latex concentration is no longer in risky amount.

Fruits and vegetables are very important part of nutrition during women pregnancy and you should not let all bad information you heard from any sources affect you. Because it could prevent you from getting a maximum nutritional needed for your pregnancy health. Make sure that you check the sources of all information, as this information also collected in the British Journal of Nutrition that has well reviewed. Then you should have no doubt for consuming papaya as it has awesome nutrition and lot of benefits. You can also use creativity to preparing the papaya as healthy cake for the entire family snack.

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