What you Need to Know about Dairy Digestive Supplements

Dairy digestive supplements are all the rage right now. Since they were first introduced, these supplements with probiotics have been recommended by many health professionals as a way of balancing the digestive system and improving overall digestive health. There are now many different types of dairy supplements with probiotics you can choose from.

The original goal behind dairy digestive supplements with probiotics was to introduce more probiotics into the digestive system to improve the health of the digestive tract. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. Both bad and good bacteria flourish in the gut. In order for your digestive system to be as healthy as possible, it is important to eliminate bad bacteria and provide a healthy environment for good bacteria. When they were first introduced, it was hoped that these probiotic digestive supplements would accomplish that goal.

What you Need to Know about Dairy Digestive Supplements

Continuing research has now uncovered a problem with this goal; however. Probiotics do not actually live outside of the intestinal tract. Unlike many nutrients, vitamins and minerals you cannot find probiotics in any food. They do not occur naturally outside the human body. Therefore, in order to produce dairy supplements with probiotics it became necessary to devise a manufacturing process to produce probiotics. The process now used is an artificial fermentation technique. Further research has brought into question whether or not these artificial probiotics are actually as effective as they were originally thought to be. Even more concerning is the fact that some researchers have even begun to question whether such probiotics might be dangerous due to the artificial processes used to produce them.

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At this point you might be wondering whether there are any digestive supplements available that can be used to boost your digestive health. The answer to this question is yes. Rather than using probiotic digestive supplements, the key is to instead use digestive supplements with prebiotics. Prebiotics are the compounds that are necessary to diminish bad bacteria and boost good bacteria naturally inside the intestine. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics do exist naturally within a wide variety of different foods. For instance, you can find prebiotics in foods such as raw onions, artichokes, unrefined barley and kiwi fruit.

To take full advantage of prebiotics you certainly could try to bulk up on many of the foods that contain prebiotics. There are still some problems with this approach; however. For example, many of the essential compounds needed for digestive health are actually found in the skin of the food. This is the case with kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruits are an excellent source of prebiotics as well as dietary soluble fiber. Unfortunately, the skin of this fruit is not really appetizing or even edible.

There are now digestive supplements available that combine all of the important compounds and nutrients from kiwi fruit into a single, easy to take capsule. Completely tasteless, the Digesten-K supplement preserves all of the essential dietary fiber and nutrients from up to two kiwi fruit. Produced using an exclusive AquaPure® system, this supplement retains all of the healthy and natural benefits of fresh kiwi fruit for an improved digestive system.

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