Curious on Dates Nutrition Info?

Are you on a diet but still want a sweet thing? It is not a time for getting disappointed for diet. Although you are on diet program, you still can eat some nice stuff. Not chocolate or sugar, you can take the sweet things from fruits so that your diet program will not be ruined. One of the fresh fruits that must be listed into your diet meals is dates. When we just think about it, we can already imagine how the taste of dates is, sweet one. Besides help your desire to eat fresh during diet time, there is also some dates nutrition info that must be known.

What’s On Dates?

Dates which has long maturity is a fruit with numerous benefits. We have to wait more than 15 years to get dates fully mature. Three to four years is a time for a palm dates to fruit. After that, the dates will be fully evolved in 12 years after. With this long growth, dates still have high nutrition which has so many benefits for our body. So, here is dates nutrition info. First, dates contain calories in 277 kcal with 1kcal of calories from fat. Second, it has 1 mg of sodium and 2 gram of protein. Fourth, there are 7 gram of dietary fiber and 66 gram of sugar. It has around 75 gram of total carbohydrates.

Based on dates nutrition info, it has almost completed vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Calcium, and Iron are all contained in dates. It is the reason why dates must be the highly recommended fruit for health. Vitamin A in dates will help as eyes and skin protector while Vitamin B also helps your eye’s health to optimize the light-filtering function. For bones growth, dates also have vitamin K to assist you in this aspect and also for your blood coagulant.

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