Counting Calories to Lose Weight

In this article you will find out a quick tip on how to start losing weight. You do not need to change your lifestyle drastically with this method yet it is still really efficient.

Counting Calories method

Counting calories is an easy and efficient way to lose or gain weight over time. For now, let’s just focus on weight loss.
Basically, to lose weight, you have to consume less calories than the amount you actually burn and if you count every calories you eat, you will know when to stop to prevent the consumption of extra calories. If you do this for weeks, months or even years you WILL see positive results. Maybe now you think that “months, years… ain’t nobody got time for that…” :D but this is how our body works. You need time to see results.

Magic products and weight loss

Most people are not patient enough to wait and do not continue their new lifestyle to achieve their desired body weight. They tend to buy these magic pills and products because in their advertisements, the results are remarkable, you can achieve these results quickly and easily and you DO NOT have to do anything at all. You just need to buy it and you will lose weight. How great right? This is totally absurd. If this would be right, everybody would do this and everybody would be in great shape.

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Now focus on what you should do for getting healthy and lose weight:

  1. Check how much calories you need based on your lifestyle with this daily calorie needs calculator tool.
  2. Use this website to check the nutrient data for foods you eat.
  3. Eat a little bit less than your actual daily calorie needs. This is crucial, if you eat way less calories than what you need, you will starve and stop this method. You will eat everything around you and those few pounds will go up again and you can start everything from the beginning.
  4. Eat that amount of calories day after day till you achieve your desired body weight.
  5. Combine this method with other health tips you can find on this site.