What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Corn Nutrition Facts

Even though corn is one of the plants which are quite easy to obtain especially when the summer, but you have to know the corn nutrition facts because these foods may be suitable for your diet. Corn is always synonymous with summer and it usually arrives around the month of July.

If you are a fan of sweet corn, then we are netted you to buy organic corn because besides the nutrients of corn which beneficial to the body, organic vegetables make the body healthier. Because there is no interference of chemical materials. If you buy corn in the summer, not only you get a lot of benefits, but you will also get corn nutrition facts at much cheaper than the other seasons.

Therefore, in the following we will explain the nutrients facts that found in corn nutrition facts and also other benefits that you would get by consuming corn or you can also apply corn on your body as well.

Corn Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Antioxidants in Every Type of Corn Nutrition Facts

The first thing that can be exhibited from corn nutrition facts are corn contains antioxidants that are useful for the body’s health. Especially for the immune system, healthy skin, and also the health of internal organs. Such as the intestines, stomach and so forth. The antioxidant derived from various types of corn nutrition facts remembering corn has several colors. Such as yellow, purple, red, white, and blue corn.

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But you need to know that corn with yellow type has the highest antioxidant among other corn varieties. Moreover, it does not mean other types of corn do not have specific benefits. For example, blue corn nutrition facts is rich in anthocyanins that are good for brain food. The purple corn also has protocatechuic acid substance with high enough concentration so that the levels of antioxidants in this corn nutrition facts can also be fairly strong.

Corn Nutrition Facts has soluble and insoluble fiber

Maybe you just knew if corn nutrition facts is a source of fiber and even corn is rich in fiber. This can be felt when you chew the foods from corn such as popcorn, vegetables salad, and other dishes with fresh corns. Corn requires a rather long time to chew so that you can feel the taste of the corn itself.

This is caused by corn containing insoluble fiber which then becomes soluble after chewed. And of course, you will feel full longer after eating corn nutrition facts. Other than that, corn also plays a role in stimulating the growth of good bacteria in the human intestine.

Thus increasing the body’s immune system, especially when a virus. Such as the flu, coughs, colds, and diarrhea began invaded the body. So the second part of corn nutrition facts is the corn will provide great antibody and rich in fiber.

Controlling Blood Sugar and Avoid Diabetes

Other corn nutrition facts are it contains vitamin B complex, protein and fiber. The combination of these three things will produce an attractive benefit which is able to control blood sugar levels. So you will minimize the potential for developing type 2 diabetes. But make sure you eat the fresh corn and better it is organic as well.