How Many Eggs Calories Are Added in the Cooking Methods?

Eggs especially those from chicken are one of the most popular human food – from the prehistoric times up to this modern era. Since then, there were numerous facts about these dairy products – some say eggs calories are good some say otherwise. The calories in eggs are believed to be harmful to health.

Eggs in your diet are very helpful in supplying nutrients facts to the body. Every piece contains plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals. That is the good aspect. The bad side of eggs is in the amount of cholesterol in them or – on the saturated fats which are all in the yolk. One of the main factors that affect the amount of eggs calories is your cooking method as this adds other ingredients.

Number of eggs calories when scrambled

One of the favorite ways to cook eggs calories is have them scrambled. This favorite egg dish has around 100 calories. This is fast and easy to prepare. The average calories in an egg range from 70 to 75 calories; scrambled eggs may have 100 because of the oil used in cooking the dish. This can even be higher if you add some milk while beating the eggs. The kind of milk – full cream or non-fat will contribute some more to bring up the number to over 100 calories per egg.

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Added calories when eggs are fried

Another easy way to cook eggs calories is to fry the dairy product. Frying will result to calorie count of 92. Once more, the additional calories emanate from the oil used in cooking the egg. This may be lower in calorie content than the scrambled egg because of the amount of oil used in cooking it.

Poached eggs are low in calories

Poached eggs have lesser calories than fried or scrambled dish. With poached egg, you do not use oil to cook the chicken egg. Poached egg is the most difficult cooking method of the four methods of cooking being considered here. The calories in poached egg are 76, where an average egg retains almost the same number of calories as the raw one. The number of calories is retained because you do not use oil to cook this – just water and a little vinegar.

This has low calories but it is also a more difficult cooking method, compared to fried and scrambled. This also requires some technique such that not all egg-eating people are able to do the method. To poach an egg, you have to boil water in a pot. When you break the egg shell, the content is placed in a small bowl or ramekin. When the water is boiling, add a few drops of vinegar, swirl the boiling water and slowly slip the egg in the swirled water. Wait a few moments to cook the egg. The egg is completely poached when the cooked egg white covers the yolk; this takes around three minutes. With a slotted spoon, remove the cooked egg from the water and let water drain on paper towel.

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Know the calories when cooked as hard-boiled

The hard-boiled egg is the easiest to do. You just have to submerge the eggs in water allowing about two inches of water to cover the eggs. With medium heat, allow the water to boil, cover and let the eggs be cooked hard-boiled for around 20 minutes. Remove the eggs from the pot and let cool, possibly under running tap water. Your hard-boiled egg will only contain 76 calories just like the poached egg.

The poached egg and the hard-boiled egg are cooked with water while the fried and scrambled eggs are cooked with oil. The increased eggs calories in frying and scrambling make the calories go a little bit higher. In any of these methods, you still ingest cholesterol. This is if you eat the egg yolks. For the fried, poached and hard-boiled, you may only eat the white and leave the yolk out for no-cholesterol egg dish. With the scrambled, your yolk can no longer be removed, unless you take it away prior to cooking where you whisk only the whites.