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If you know the coconut water nutrition facts, you will probably leave out your others favorite sugary beverages. Why not? Coconut water offers sweet nutty taste that is not much different from many sugary drinks or sodas. With the so-so delicious taste, coconut water is also more refreshing and—to make it even better—much healthier than all sugary beverages, considering there’s no chemical addition on its composition. You can check it by looking out on its nutrition facts coconut water and health benefits.

Coconut Water Nutrition Value

(Nutrition value per 100 gram coconut water)

  • When you’re drinking coconut water nutrition facts, you can simply gain 19 Kcal energy; 3.71 gram carbohydrates; 0.72 gram protein; only 0.20 gram total fat; 1.1 gram dietary fiber; and—brace yourself— 0 mg Cholesterol!!

  • Aside from those primary nutrition, you will also get some vitamins composed in coconut water nutrition facts like 3 µgram folates, 0.080 mg niacin, 0.043 mg pantothenic acid, 0.032 mg pyridoxine, 0.057 mg riboflavin, 0.030 mg thiamin, and 2.4 mg vitamin C.

  • What makes coconut water more special is because this drink is rich of electrolytes like 105 mg sodium and 250 mg potassium. Meanwhile, coconut water nutrition facts also has some minerals composed in it like 24 mg calcium, 40 mcg copper, 0.29 mg iron, 25 mg magnesium, 0.142 mg manganese and 0.10 mg zinc.

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Coconut Water Nutrition Facts and health benefits

In the light of those nutrition you can get if you choose to drink coconut water nutrition facts instead of other junk food beverages, these are some health benefits of coconut water that you can also leisurely savor.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Keeping Your Weight

We have learned that there’re no cholesterol and just very low fat contents in coconut water nutrition facts. That’s way you can consume coconut water as much as you want without getting afraid of gaining any more weight. Thereunto, coconut water can also suppress your hunger; make you feel full longer of its rich nutrition.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Good for Your Skin

Want to get perfect skin? Drink coconut water nutrition facts and it will moisturize your skin from within and clean considerable amounts of oil. And by that, welcome to the non-acne, non-blemish skin!

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Facilitating Your Digestion System

With the high rate of fiber it has, coconut water nutrition facts is very helpful when it comes to ease your digestion system. Its natural contents of bioactive enzymes like acid phosphatase, degydrogenase, diastase, catalase, perocidase, RNA-polumerase and etc will not also help you in the digestion, but metabolism as well.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Hydrating Your Body

Full of electrolytes and natural sugar, coconut water is very good at hydrating your body. No wonder that coconut water nutrition facts is somehow considered as a favorite sports drink by some notable athletes.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Reducing Blood Pressure

What is so special from coconut water nutrition facts is its high amount of electrolytes is adequate and good for balancing mechanism. It’s different from any other beverages which level of electrolytes is disproportionate—that can spike blood pressure.

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That is just a little thing you need to know about coconut water. So, after we have agreed on the benefits that we can grasp by looking on coconut water nutrition facts, we can start to eagerly drink it each day from now on.

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