Coca Cola Nutrition Facts

Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage sold in 200 countries, produced by The Coca-Cola Company which also produces Fanta and Sprite. These soft drinks must have been so popular in various circles. Coca-Cola is indeed one of the favorite drinks for many people. The freshness, the sweet taste, and the sensation while drinking it gives its satisfaction.

Although it is one of the most popular beverages in the world, soft drinks or coca cola may not be taken daily. Therefore, this glass can provide some side effects that are not good for the body. This carbonated drink has a serious enough impact on the body. One of the effects is the nutritional deficiency.

Lack of nutrients on Coca Cola Nutrition Facts

Indirectly, the consumption of cola can make the body lack nutrients. It is because your actual drinking capacity can be used to consume more nutritious beverages such as milk or juice to a less nutritious drink, the cola. The Coca-Cola nutrition facts contain only sugar and caffeine, which are very low in vitamins, minerals, much less fiber.

One can of soft drinks is equivalent to 10 tablespoons of sugar sufficient to destroy Vitamin B, where deficiency of Vitamin B will cause bad digestion, weakness of health, nervous tension, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and muscle spasms. Besides, Coca-Cola consists of several substances that reduce bowel function and stomach enzymes that are important in the elimination of body fat.

This soft drink contains phosphoric acid which causes fragile and weak bones, particularly in the age of growth, which thus makes a lot of cracks in the bones.  It also contains artificial chemicals that can damage the brain, and cause loss of memory gradually and the destruction of liver function.

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Coca cola nutrition facts may surprise you, but that is a good indication why we should not drink it.