Promoting Child Nutrition In Your Family Through Healthy Eating

Child nutrition is important and should be the focus of any parent. Obesity is a rising concern among all people, especially children who seem to be affected by this condition in record numbers in recent years. Healthy eating is one thing that any parent should focus on that can ward off childhood obesity that can lead to a number of different health problems early and later in life.

Child Nutrition Food Pyramid

Healthy eating includes eating all of the foods on the food pyramid. The food pyramid is a basic list of food groups, each of which contributes something to our overall health. They consist of dairy – which is good for vitamin D, a necessary nutrient and especially important in growing children, protein, also essential for growth and stamina, whole grains for the digestive system and fruits and vegetables for overall health.

Facts About Fast Foods

Foods that should be avoided, or at least controlled, include those that are high in sugars or fats. Fast foods are part of the reason why child nutrition is such a concern and do not promote healthy eating. While many fast foods are out and out fried, calorie laden nightmares, others masquerade as healthy eating foods. Most of the fast foods that are mass produced are loaded with preservatives that do not contribute to healthy eating. In order to maintain proper child nutrition, children have to start eating at home more often.

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Home made meals do not contain the preservatives of those in fast food restaurants. Furthermore, they promote healthy eating and good child nutrition because they are not eaten quickly or on the run. In order to focus on good child nutrition, it is important for parents to not only consider what the children eat, but how they eat. Healthy eating mandates that we chew our food properly, eat three meals a day, and eat at decent intervals.

Important of Breakfast For Child Nutrition

Breakfast is one meal that many people skip but is important for healthy eating and child nutrition. Oatmeal, eggs and other breakfast foods can get your children off to a good start in school. When you are trying to promote healthy eating for child nutrition or adult nutrition, for that matter, you should focus on breakfast. This is the meal that gets your metabolism going and helps you burn more calories, not to mention gives you more energy throughout the day.

While children need some fat to grow, they do not need to eat foods that are loaded with fat all of the time. Healthy eating for child nutrition does not mean you have to be an ogre when it comes to treats and snacks. It just means that you have to be sure that your children are getting proper nutrition and their treats are limited. Sure, they can have candy, cookies and sweets once in a while as well as fast foods. The key words are “once in a while.”

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Daily vitamins are also a good part of child nutrition and children should be taking these vitamins for good health. Fruit juices are also important for healthy eating, but you should be certain that they are pure fruit juices and not just sugared water. Milk is essential for healthy bones as is protein for growth. Make sure that your child eats a balanced diet by making healthy eating part of your everyday life as well.

Health Eating For The Family

Good child nutrition starts with parents. By focusing on healthy eating for the family, children will follow the eating patterns of the parents, develop good eating habits and maintain good child nutrition that will follow them into adulthood.

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