Chicken Calories: Versatile, Nutritious, and Delicious

Who doesn’t like chicken food? Indeed, it’s one of the most-tasting meals you’ll ever eat. However, it may contain high chicken calories. For example, chicken breast calories, though may differ depending on the size, can have roughly 258. If you’ll have the bones removed, it will go down to 202 chicken calories. A bowl of chicken salad can contain around 180 chicken salad calories.

The Benefits of Chicken Calories

There are several reasons why chicken food is an all-time favorite, and it’s more than just the chicken calories that you can gain from them:

It’s a versatile meat

There are many ways on how you can gain chicken calories, since there are also various methods of cooking it. You can have it steamed, grilled, barbecued, fried, poached, or even microwaved. You can also combine it with other meats, fruits, and vegetables. Simply put, you don’t only earn calories in chicken, but you can enjoy the food itself too. It’s also one of the most favorite ingredients for those who are currently in high-protein diet.

It doesn’t contain any carbohydrate

Though you have chicken calories, the meat doesn’t really have any carbohydrate—just like other types of protein. For a lot of people this can be bad, since the body generally needs carbohydrates to convert food into energy. Nevertheless, when you’re in a low-carb diet, you will understand that having no carbohydrates will allow you to burn your fat quickly. Besides, you will have other sources of carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables.

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It has lower fat content

Chicken fat is highly concentrated on the skin, and if you’re one of those who love this chicken part, you’re not only accumulating chicken calories, but you’re also increasing your cholesterol level. However, this doesn’t mean that the chicken nutrition is mainly composed of fats. In fact, it’s the contrary. Chicken is very low in saturated fat or a low-calorie chicken, especially if you remove the skin. It is one of the best lean meats that are available in the market.

The fats that you can find in chicken calories can provide protection against your internal organs, provide shine on your hair, and bless you with healthier skin and cells. But because chicken has unsaturated rather than saturated fat, this meat can lower your blood cholesterol, keeping you away from coronary heart diseases.

Chicken calories are enriched with protein

Chicken is a protein food, something that is contained in other poultry products, meat, milk, cheese, and fish. You need protein so you can build up your muscular tissues and encourage growth. IT can also provide you with the antibodies that you need to prevent yourself from getting infected or sick. Moreover, it allows your vital organs to produce the necessary enzymes to convert food to something useful for the body.

Chicken is such a good source of lean protein that 3 ounces of it or small chicken calories will already be enough for a day’s worth of protein intake.