Knowing Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts to Balance Your Diet

In fact it is pretty important to know more about chicken breast nutrition facts for it is one of most people daily menu. It seems like a chicken breast is only a small part of your menu. Indeed this small part has high nutrition facts which your body needs.

What a Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts Has?

As the best part of chicken, a lot of people like serving chicken breast in various cooking style. In fact the cooking style affects the nutrition content in a chicken breast. Especially the vitamin and other nutrient which is affected by heat. Commonly a chicken breast nutrition facts, about 4 – 6 ounces weight, contains 150 to 260 calories.

This chicken breast nutrition facts contains vitamin B, B6, B12, C, D, magnesium and niacin. You must serve the boneless and skinless chicken breast. The skin and bone has very high fat contents.

Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts : Cooking Style

What about the cooking style? It is good for you who like to eat grilled chicken breast. For a grilled chicken breast nutrition facts has lower calories. Since the grilling process is faster than cooking it keeps 100% of its protein content. The grilling process is also likely to lower its fat contents.

For you who like cooked chicken breast you may have to consider that the cooked chicken breast contains more calories and fats. Especially when you include any oil in cooking process. The oil will increase the cholesterol and fat content in your cooked chicken breast. After knowing these chicken breast nutrition facts you have to balance your menu with more fruit and vegetable to fulfill your daily nutrient needs.

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Let’s Eat Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts Is Recommended For Your Daily Menu

Considering its low calories content, chicken breast is suggested to be your daily menu. Especially for you who are watching your calories consumption. If you serve the chicken breast in its best cooking process like grilling it. You will get more benefits from this chicken breast nutrition facts.

For grilling process is a fast cooking process, so you will not lose most of its chicken breast nutrition facts. At the same time you don’t need to put any additional oil or margarine to grill you chicken breast to lower its fat contents.

Health Benefits of Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

From a medium size chicken breast nutrition facts you will get niacin or vitamin B3 which fulfill approximately 72% of your daily vitamin B3 needs. It also gives you pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 which helps you converting fat and carbohydrate to energy.

Based on this chicken breast nutrition facts, consuming a chicken breast fulfills about 11% of your daily vitamin B5 needs. It also has vitamin B6 which help your body converting glycogen to glucose which supports your body to fulfill 32% of your daily nutrition to keep you energized.

Furthermore chicken breast has high content of phosphorus which is important to maintain your bone, tooth and nail health. By consuming only 4 ounces of chicken breast nutrition facts, you have already fulfilled 100% of your daily phosphorus needs.

At last chicken breast nutrition facts also has amino acid, potassium, and selenium, other important mineral your body always needs.