Chick Fil A Sauce Nutrition

Junk food today becomes some people’s favorite food. Besides, it is quick and simple to eat, and junk food has truly delicious taste as well. Talking about junk food, some restaurants serve something like the sandwich, burger, and salads, just like the Chick Fil A restaurant. Chick Fil A offers many variants of burger, kid’s meal, salads, sides, sandwich, and beverages. What makes Chick Fil A unique unlike other junk food restaurants is the sauces. Chick Fil A provides a lot of kinds of sauces like Chick-Fil-A sauce, Polynesian sauce, Sriracha sauce, Honey Mustard sauce and others. These sauces surely will make your mouth happier while tasting the foods here. However, if you are one of Chick Fil A lovers, knowing about Chick Fil A Sauce Nutrition is important.

How many calories in Chick Fil A Sauce Nutrition?

Chick Fil A Sauce Nutrition is different for each sauce. Every kind of sauce here has its nutrition inside. Chick-Fil-a sauce, for example, this sauce becomes a classic and favorite sauce for many customers. This sauce is made of BBQ sauce combined with mustard, sugar, soybean oil, egg yolk, lemon juice concentrate, salt, distilled vinegar, water, cider vinegar, and garlic. With those ingredients, Chick-Fil-a sauce delivers about 140 calories and 6g of carbohydrates.

Besides Chick-Fil-a sauce, Garlic & Herb Ranch and Polynesian sauce also provide more than 100 calories. Garlic & Herb Ranch sauce is made of creamy sauce with special herb flavors, garlic, and onion. This sauce contains 140 calories and 1g carbs. On the other hand, Polynisean sauce offers 100 calories and 13g carbs with the ingredients of tomato paste, mustard seed, vinegar, corn syrup, and others seasonings.

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Although in Chick Fil A Sauce Nutrition provides high calories, there are also some sauces with low calories. If you need fewer calories sauce, you can pick Barbeque, Honey Mustard, or Sriracha sauce. All those sauces only provide about 45 calories. Otherwise, you can also choose Zesty Buffalo sauce with its 50 calories.

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