Chick Fil a Nutrition Info, Facts And Calories 2017

Chick Fil a is the source of tender chicken patties, sandwiches, strips and nuggets since a long time ago. It sells a fairly priced for healthy and filling meal. It is also a fact that chicken meat is healthier than the other red meat like beef, steak, sausage, and bacon; however, chicken meat can also be unhealthy if you eat it the wrong way. Therefore, we give you the updated Chick Fil A nutrition info so you can keep track with your diet.

The facts of Chick Fil A nutrition info: Drinks

  • Chick Fil A nutrition info  on Classic Coca-Cola contains 120 calories and 35g sugar
  • A small diet lemonade contains 15 calories and 2g sugar, while the regular non-diet lemonade give you 170 calories and 43g sugar
  • Iced coffee gives you 150-180 calories with 25-31g sugar
  • A number of calories frosted lemonade provides you with the 240 to 330 calories with a huge amount of 39 to 63g sugar
  • If you order Dr. Pepper, you may get 130 calories with 35g of sugar

The facts of Chick Fil A nutrition info: Foods

  • Chick FilA nutrition info on the highest calorie from its meal is coming from Chicken Platter. It gives you 680 calories.
  • Then the second highest is the Bacon Platter which gives you 600 calories with 33g fat and 6g of sugar.
  • The Spicy Deluxe consists of 570 calories with 27g of fat and 8g of sugar.
  • Although you can enjoy fewer calories meal such as nuggets with only 260 cals, grilled chicken nuggets with 140 cals, and three piece Chick-n-Minis with only 280 cals.
  • The regular Bacon Egg & Cheese English Muffin contains 300 calories and 12g of fat with only 1g of sugar.
  • The cinnamon cluster consists of 430 calories and 17g of fat.
  • The Sausage Egg & Cheese English Muffin gives you 490 calories with 30g of fat.
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