Chia Seeds – What Are They?

Chia is cultivated especially for its seed. Well, chia seeds commercially are known as a food containing rich in fatty acid. In the aspect of shape, this food is typically small ovals having 1mm diameter. They are gray, white, black, and brown in color. In fact, these seeds can absorb up to 10 times their weight when soaked in liquid. Therefore, people call them as hydrophilic seeds. While in water, the seeds might develop coating gel that can be used as beverages. Traditionally, chia seeds are consumed in Mexico as well as United States. However, it’s hard to find these seeds in Europe.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

What are the chia seeds benefits? These seeds contain mostly of protein. Therefore, you can obtain abundant amount of protein by consuming this food. They also have good balance of essential amino acids, so your body can absorb the protein well from these seeds. Good protein intake would reduce appetite. Moreover, it can reduce food obsession and night snacking. There are many studies about this food as well. This food contains good antioxidants which are confirmed to give helpful effects on health. Basically, antioxidants might deal with free radicals build up. Therefore, this food is good to prevent deadly disease such as cancer.

Chia Seeds Nutrition

To learn more about this food, you should understand as well about chia seeds nutrition. It can be said 1 ounce / 28 grams of these seeds contain 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 18% of calcium, 30% of manganese, 30% of magnesium, 27% of phosphorous, and many others nutrients such as vitamin B3, zinc, vitamin B1, potassium, and vitamin B2. How much calorie do they have? Chia seeds are dense of calorie. However, you shouldn’t consume more than 2 tablespoons of these seeds. These seeds are also rich of antioxidants. It’s even better than pineapple, grapes, and mango.
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Chia Seeds in Water

Commonly, people might use chia seeds in water. It would become perfect beverage for you. Both coconut milk and these seeds are the best pairs to make pudding. You can consume it as breakfast. You can mix both of them in the day before, pop them in the refrigerator, and look forward to the next day. That’s so easy. These seeds are perfect to make a beverage. If you feel bloated and sluggish, it’s time to make chia-based beverage. Many bodybuilders also consume this beverage before exercising. Actually, the most favorable choice nowadays will be blueberry muffins. It suits the best with these seeds.

What Are Chia Seeds?

Some of us aren’t familiar yet with this food. There are 3 major things to know. First, what are chia seeds usages? They pack lots of nutrients. These seeds contain fat, protein, and also dietary fiber. You can get healthy intake for your health. Secondly, they are perfect source of fiber. If you consume them regularly, there will be no more problems of obesity. Also, these seeds promote healthier digestive system. Third, they can absorb much water. If you soak them in water, they would dilute amazingly.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds?

So, where to buy chia seeds? You can buy this food both from local and online sellers. Although these seeds are widely available in stores, there’s something you should learn. First, always buy them in whole. Whole seeds are way much better than ground chia. Next, you should buy chemical-free seeds. For better quality, always look for chemical-free and organic seeds. There are many reliable companies from where you can buy them. Also, make sure that they have good quality standards and food safety. Basically, you can search from local food stores in your town. Recently, people tend to buy this product from online marketplace. It’s simpler and faster.
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Considerations How to Use Chia Seeds

If you learn how to use chia seeds appropriately, you can consume it safely. Before eating, let them expanding in water. Therefore, you must provide sufficient water during the preparation. Sometimes, there’s particular case of side effects after consuming this beverage. Some old men got asthma, swallowing problem, and also seasonal allergies. The best way to avoid these problems is by choosing the best product. You need to inspect this food before buying. It must contain high nutrients and gets FDA certificate.

What Are Chia Seeds Good for?

So, what are chia seeds good for? Basically, these seeds are good for health improvement. However, society learns more than that. In modern countries, especially in United States, there’s a trend to use these seeds as Chia Pets. You can buy this in the form of figures, which are made by clay. Later, these figures are given water and the seeds might sprout in a form of fur. There have been many sales. There are also different varieties around the world. It depends on the size, color, weight, and genes. In the aspect of food, these seeds can be combined well with cereals, smoothies, energy bars, yogurt, bread, tortilla, granola, and many others.

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