Chia Seeds Nutrition Facts

There are various chia seeds nutrition facts that are worth taking into account. Nowadays, those seeds are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that people rediscovered their amazing benefits. From ancient times, the Aztec warriors used those seeds in their diets to promote a healthy lifestyle. They inserted chia seeds in their diets because of the energy boost and medicinal aid.

Chia Seeds Nutritional Value

So, what can you get from chia seeds? The answer is quite simple. The chia seeds nutritional value comes from the bundle of vitamins and minerals that it provides. Those seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, copper, manganese, zinc, vitamins B2, B3 and C, soluble fibers, proteins and even antioxidants.

By guiding ourselves by those chia seeds nutrition facts we can establish a list that covers all the health benefits we can get. First of all, these seeds are known for their ability to boost both energy levels and endurance. It was scientifically proved that chia seeds can offer more energy than other seeds like wheat or rice. This happens due to the fact that these seeds release slowly the glucose when the digestion starts, which allows the body to properly store energy.

Health Benefits of Chia Seed

Other chia seed nutrition facts are related to the blood sugar and to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. These seeds have the ability to absorb 12 times their weight in water. This is helpful for keeping the body hydrated, which leads to a healthier heart. The blood pressure is kept at lower levels due to the omega acids and fibers present in its content. Also, the glucose levels in the blood are balanced. The soluble fiber is responsible for this because it slows down the process of releasing carbohydrates into the bloodstream. In other words, chia seeds are great for achieving a normal insulin response.

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There are plenty of chia seed nutrition elements that are worth mentioning. This seed is perfect for those that live a vegan life because it comes with the right amount of proteins. Hence, it is a source that aids a vegan diet in getting all the nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle. These seeds do not have cholesterol and are low in calories. They are perfect for any type of diet, especially for those that aim towards weight loss. One of the main causes of weight gain nowadays is the fact that our body develops insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is related to the unbalance of sugar present in our bloodstream. This encourages the body to transform everything in belly fat. Hence, chia seeds fight this process and sustain the sugar balance. By using chia seeds weight loss is a lot easier.

Chia can help you achieve stronger teeth and bones, too. A meal that contains chia seeds can help you in getting the daily recommended amount of calcium. This prevents several oral health issues and even osteoporosis. Moreover, due to the fact that those seeds also contain manganese, a layer of nutrients will provide an amazing protection for your bones. The combination between calcium and manganese helps our body in fighting against stress and harmful elements. Furthermore, these seeds are recommended for those that suffer from insomnia. The manganese content allows the body to calm down and relax. It prepares the body for nighttime; hence it is highly useful for insomniacs to insert these seeds in their diets.

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So, according to chia seeds nutrition 1 tablespoon has around 70 calories. It comes packed with omega fatty acids, various nutrients and around five grams of fibers. Around 40 of the calories content is linked to the benefic fats, while 9 calories are from protein and 20 from carbohydrates. This makes the seeds perfect for morning meals. Mix them with your yogurt or cereals and you will start your day energized and full of life.

There is no difficulty in inserting chia in your daily diet. It is easy to mix and blend in various dishes. Usually, people mix it with water, which results into a gelatinous mixture. Anyway, it is recommended to add it to other vitamin packed foods in order to benefit from an amazing nutritional boost. These seeds come with a mild nutty taste, which disappears when they are mixed in different dishes.

Due to chia seeds nutrition, it is highly recommended to get used to pour some seeds on your meals. You can opt for mixing it with oatmeal, yogurt, salads or risottos. Also, if you are looking for a raw pudding, you can add some almond milk over the seeds. After half an hour you will obtain a tasty mixture that will make you feel satiated all day. Those seeds are perfect for making various sauces or salad dressings. Anyway, we can say for sure that chia seeds are great in smoothies because they provide a special consistency.

Bottom line, if you are looking for having a healthy lifestyle, it is time to start using chia seeds. They provide a bundle of nutritional elements, especially omega-3 fatty acids and fibers. All those elements keep our body healthy and prevent several diseases. Moreover, those seeds are often the associated with weight loss. This happens mainly because they are great for teaching our body when and what to store. They boost our metabolism, which leads to burning greater amounts of fats. Also, the feeling of fullness prevents us from eating between meals. Using chia on daily basis, can help in eliminating craving. It is that simple!

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