Why Cherry Nutrition Facts is Afraid of the Truth

Cherry nutrition facts is wonderful and tasty fruit which is full of health benefits and unique nutrients .The word comes from town in turkey called Cerasus. There are more than 1,000 different varieties of cherry tree. Almost all of them blossoming over a three-week period in late May and early June. We need 1000 of cherry fruit to make one cherry pie.There are two types of cherries sour and sweet one. Sour cherries are higher in vitamin C and low in calories than sweet cherries.

Health Benefits Of Cherry Nutrition Facts

  • Protect you from Diabetes : Cherries have a lower glycemic index than any other fruit .So cherries is a better choice for diabetics than any other fruit .
  • Slows the Aging of Skin : Cherries have the highest level of antioxidant than any fruit. Antioxidants help to fight the free radicals that make us look old. Cherry juice is perfect for treatment to your skin condition.
  • Reduces Muscle Pain : it reduces muscle inflammation and soreness.
  • High in potassium : Potassium is a natural supplement to maintain your blood pressure. So Cherries regulate heart rate and blood pressure . The phytosterols in cherries help reduce high cholesterol levels.
  • Loses your weight : A cherry is low in calories and high in water . that means you will feel fuller for a long time. Cherry is also high in fiber ( about 3 grams per serving ) , which reduce your cholesterol levels and accelerate losing your weight .
  • Improves brain function: If you make it a habit to snack on tart cherries. You could be improving your brain in the long run. Research has shown that cherries can even reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease.
  • Antioxidants : Cherries are full of antioxidants. These antioxidants have a number of different benefits, including the ability to prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as fighting off free radicals.
  • Fights Insomnia : Cherries naturally contain melatonin , a hormone that makes your body temperature lower so u can sleep more easy. It also produced by your brain to regulate your sleep cycles. Not everyone produces the melatonin that is needed. So cherries are good supplement of melatonin which solve our sleep problems.
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