Cheese Cake Factory Nutrition Facts

The delicious taste of your favourite foods sometimes makes you forget about the important things behind such delicacy. If you love all menus of Cheesecake Factory, have you ever thought about the Cheese Cake Factory nutrition facts? Well, it is probably good for you to find the amount of nutrition and substances especially if you are in a diet program or simply want to live a healthy life appropriately. Surely, knowing the nutrition facts would be helpful for you to choose which menu you can include into your diet program.

All About Cheese Cake Factory Nutrition Facts

The Menus

On the late of 1940s, Evelyn had only Original Cheesecake as her only “product” and there are more than 200 kinds of menu today. The menus are divided into some categories, such as various cheesecakes, appetizers, pastas, seafood, steaks, salad and also sandwiches. Currently, you can also find small plate and snacks category which come with more than 15 choices and truly perfect to be your pre-appetizer. Those menus are all made of best quality ingredients, but you should not forget about the Cheese Cake Factory nutrition facts which will be helpful for you to decide whether the menus you choose are the healthy ones.

The Nutrition Information

The Cheese Cake Factory nutrition facts or the nutrition here is based on the common recipes and also the standard product formulations. So, there will be slight differences due to some factors, such as the slight differences of the amount of sauces, the duration of toasting, and more. In a bowl of soup, there are 450 calories, while a cup of soup contains smaller calories, for about 310. For Avocado Eggrolls (serves 2-4), there are 960 calories, 8 g saturated fat and also 1130mg sodium. The total carbs of such menu is 104 grams, and this kind of food is les suitable to be included into your diet menu since Avocado and egg are quite fatty. What about the Firecracker Salmon Rolls? This menu contains 630 calories, 5 grams saturated fat and also 62 grams of carbs.

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If you are in a real strict diet program, it’s probably good to choose another menu instead of this: The Fried Macaroni and Cheese (serves 2-4) which contains 1530 calories and 63 grams of saturated fat. With 77 grams of total carbs, this menu will make you full, but less healthy. The next one of important Cheese Cake Factory nutrition facts is the Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls which contains 660 calories and 98 g total carbs. If you wish to eat the foods with fewer fats and calories, salad would be the great choice to consider.

The healthiest salad from Cheese cake Factory is Green Salad. It contains only 110 calories, 230 mg sodium and 16 g total carbs. For the cakes, The Adam´s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake is surely not a good option for you diet. It offers 1330 calories, 40 g saturated fat and also 136 r total carbs. If you want the lower calories, Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake is better, with 730 calories, 29 g saturated fat and also 66 g total carbs. In a nutshell, knowing Cheese Cake Factory nutrition facts is the best thing to help you getting the successful result for your diet program and live a healthy life through the consumption of the right foods.

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