Check the Cooked Quinoa Nutrition Facts for Your Daily Supply

Calculating your daily supply must be tiring, but it is the important thing you have to do when you want a healthy life. In every kind of stuff that you eat have to be calculated well. This situation also will help you in balancing your weight. That is why it must be the best reason for you who are on diet programs. Can we have pasta for diet meal? The answer is of apparently yes. We can just choose a certain product of pasta which has fit nutrition for our body. One of the favorite ones must be pasta from Quinoa. So, if you take Quinoa pasta as your meal, you have also to see the cooked Quinoa nutrition facts.

Cooked Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Knowing the cooked Quinoa nutrition facts will help you to manage your next meal. As usual, you can check the nutrition facts on the back of its product. However, you can also get if from other sources to make it clear. Here are the nutrition facts for cooked Quinoa in each serving of 185grams:

Calorie in Cooked Quinoa Pasta

For the calories, the cooked Quinoa pasta has 929 kJ. These amounts are from 657 kJ from carbohydrate, 134 kJ from far, and 134 kJ from protein. There are no calories from alcohol since it does not contain of alcohol.

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Protein and Amino Acids in Cooked Quinoa Pasta

For the next important cooked Quinoa nutrition facts is about its protein. The protein in a cup of Quinoa pasta contains 8.1gram of protein. It fulfills 16% of your daily protein needs. So, it is enough for your protein supply for one meal time.

Vitamins in Cooked Quinoa Pasta

The cooked Quinoa pasta contains some vitamin. First, there is 1.2 mg of Vitamin E. Second, and there is 0.2 mg of Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Vitamin B6. Also, you can find 0.8mg of Niacin and 77.7 mcg of Folate.

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