Why No One Talks About Carbs In Strawberries Anymore

There’s no better summertime food than the strawberry. When they’re at their ripest, just biting into one can improve the quality of your day with their juiciest. But, the consumer should think about the carbs in strawberries, especially if you may be suffering from type 2 diabetes. Carbs are generally not the best option for people with this type of diabetes, but, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are too substantial, as a lot of diabetics will still see some really good benefits to incorporating this in their diet, albeit to a lesser extent as the person who may not have diabetes.

How Many Carbs in Strawberries

But, when it comes to the actual amount of carbohydrates to strawberries, in 1 cup, raw strawberries have 11.1 carbs. That’s a little on the high side when you’re thinking about fruits that have this many, but once you consider all of the other health effects, you’ll find that this is probably on of the best fruits that you can ingest. Even more than that, the strawberry has been considered a great thing to consume if you’re looking to lose some weight. But even if you may have problems with carbs, there are some things that will really assist them without having to worry too much about their diabetes.

Of course, while it may contain a good amount of carbs, we all have to think about a person’s blood sugar. We’ve been using the glycemic index as a way to gauge the effect of strawberries on the blood sugar. It’s been considered to be especially trustworthy. In any event, strawberries rate 32 to 40. With that being the case, while the diabetic may have to monitor their carbohydrate intake. This is still a very healthy choice for these people. Especially when you consider all of the other things that people routinely eat, even if they do have diabetes.

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Carbs in strawberries may be a little high, but it still serves a valuable purpose. With just about everyone who eats them. So, not only are they loved by just about everyone. They’re definitely one of the healthiest fruit for a person to eat. But as with anything, you’ll want to assure that you’re understanding how much you may be eating. If you’re monitoring your carbohydrates, as this is a fruit that has quite a bit more. Than some of the others available for purchase.

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