Cantaloupe Nutrition

The other name of Muskmelon is Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is popularly known as muskmelon because of the aroma it gives out when it ripens. The aroma is really very nice to smell. however another name for the muskmelon is also there and that is rock melon. The name derives from its look of rough skin or look like rocks. Lets discuss something about cantaloupe nutrition.

Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts

This fruit belongs to cucurbitacae family which also has other fruits as it members such as the Gourd, pumpkin and cucumber.There are special features of some plants which make them entitled to be under a specific family. Cantaloupe is round in shape and tastes very nice. The cantaloupe nutrition is very helpful for them who want to stay on fruit diet. The water content is very good in cantaloupe. The shape may be oval sometimes. However the skin of the cantaloupe looks as if a woven net has been put on the fruit. The fruit looks yellow inside or orange sometimes.It tastes sweet.

One can use the flesh of the fruit to make salad with other fruits or else can have singly also.The honeydew like texture of the flesh of the fruit makes it very much desired by the fruit lovers. This fruit can be found round the year. But during June to September it is found very widely and ripens at that time. There are many benefits of cantaloupe nutrition. Lets discuss them one by one.

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The cantaloupe nutrition is full of vitamins. though the nutritional values are very high, it has very less calorie content. That is what makes it so unique.The fruit extract has a high content of several vitamins or precursors of the vitamins. The precursors of vitamins get converted into vitamins inside the body. To be particular beta carotene is found in good amount in cantaloupe. Minerals like potassium is also abundant. Other vitamins like folic acid. Niacin, Vitamin B1,B3 and B5 are found in the fruit. The fiber content of the fruit is very good. The vitamin C available in the fruit acts as an anti oxidant and acts against the free radicals in the body and protects from ageing factors of the body. In other words it acts as an anti ageing factor.

Cantaloupe can help in fighting against cancer and cardiac ailments. A factor found in cantaloupe acts as an anti-coagulant by decreasing the viscous force in blood. The precursor of Vitamin A that is beta carotene acts against night blindness and also against cataract. hence Cantaloupe nutrition has wide spread health benefits.

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