Calories in Vegetable Soup

Vegetables mostly called as the greatest food with high and health nutrition. Moreover, it also said as the lowest calories food. Both of those things are true, that is why consuming vegetable in daily life is truly outstanding. The nutrients in vegetable can help you keep healthy; furthermore, the low calorie is perfect to have a healthy diet. The best way for consuming vegetables is actually by eating it directly, so it will not make the nutrition lose. However, for some people who do not like the vegetable, they prefer to make it into salad or soup. In fact, Calories in Vegetable Soup can increase higher than before.

How many Calories in Vegetable Soup?

Discussing Calories in Vegetable Soup, it is different based on the ingredients. It can still have little nutrition after it is cooked, or it can have higher calories. Typical vegetable soup is generally made with diced vegetables along with broth and seasonings. The vegetables that are commonly used are like corn, beans, potato, carrot, and others. For traditional homemade vegetable soup, it normally has about 80 to 150 calories per cup. All the Calories in Vegetable Soup depends on what kind of vegetables that you cooked.

For every vegetable soup which is cooked along with chicken or beef, it surely will have higher calories. Vegetable soup with beef, for example, it will have about 200 or 250 calories in each serving. Also, you will get more calories if you add other things like flour or cream to your soup. Consuming your vegetable soup together with rice also will increase a number of calories. To avoid having high calories, do not add starchy vegetables with higher calories just like potato, carrot, or peas. Besides, you can also use other natural ingredients while seasoning your soup such as by avoiding MSG, or vegetable oil while cooking. It can help you to get small calories in your vegetable soup.

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