Secrets About Calories in Tomato Sauce the Government Is Hiding

For the calorie conscious consumers, you already know that the ingredients of a product will determine the calories in the product; paying attention to the ingredients will help keep track of the calories in tomato sauce as well.

How Many Calories in Tomato Sauce

The number of calories in tomato sauce will depend heavily on the ingredients within; if it were plain sauce then the calorie amount would differ from a sauce with mushrooms and onions. If you choose plain tomato sauce then you can expect about 70 to 80 calories per 8 ounces. In addition, the calories in tomato sauce will vary brand to brand. Determining what the ingredients are in the sauce will help to figure out why there are more calories in some sauces and not in others.

Many brands contain a sweetener element, which will certainly add to the overall calorie ticker. Keeping inventory of the calories in mind will help to decide a proper portion for serving. Proper portions will control the amount of calories in tomato sauce in the meal overall.

Health Benefits Of Tomato Sauce

Even though calories are important to your diet, calories in tomato sauce has many health benefits. While offering a small amount of protein and fiber, calories in tomato sauce also has a great source of calcium, vitamin C, iron and high amounts of potassium. Moreover, tomato sauce has a low percentage of cholesterol. When choosing the plain variety or one with only vegetables added, you can feel good that it will have a low amount of fat.

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On the other hand, be mindful of the sodium contained in each serving of the calories in tomato sauce. As high amounts of sodium in your diet can be unhealthy. In conclusion, when considering the calories in tomato sauce, remember to read the ingredients label. And serve proper portions to help control the calories that you take in for that meal.