Calories In Tequila

A beverage that is dark lime in color, thin as water, made from Blue Agaves plant which found in the surrounding areas of the city Tequila- yeas you guess it right, I am talking about the drink Tequila. Tequila is white beverages which is distilled and obtain from the juice of blue agaves plants found in Mexico. The drink is obtained from a red soil volcanic area of the city where the blue agaves plant grows.

Calories In Tequila

The liquid is obtained from the center of the plant and distilled twice to be on the shape we see. It is the world renewed most commonly and preferably alcoholic drink which is little sour in taste. It gets the popularity because of its unique name and taste calories in tequila.

Nutrition Chart of Tequila

If we look at the nutrition chart of Tequila below us will see that the major component which the beverage contain is not alcohol but Calories. Calorie is the unit of energy which could be defines as the amount of heat required to change the atmospheric pressure by 1°C. In non-scientific and simple term it is the unit which tells how much energy a person gain or loses in prescribed time.

As per the research of calorie king, a shot of tequila contain 97 calories. It contain 0% fats, cholesterol, Sodium, Protein , Carbohydrate, Sugar etc, but contain about 300 KHz of energy and 11.2 g of alcohol. In simple words a shot of tequila could burn 97 calories of our bodies. If we see the research on different nutrition’s site we would see that to burn 97 calories we would require to do the following hustle and exercise:-

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Tequila Is The Best Calorie Drink

To undermine the exact amount of calories we should consider an important fact which is the amount and quantity of shot. According to NIAA which is the abbreviation of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism a shot is to be consider based upon 1.5 oz. Tequila shots best to for the person who wants to lose its weight. It is the best calorie drink. A double shot of tequila contain which is about 4 ounce contain 128 calories.

The name ‘shot’ is given to the amount of liquid (Tequila) which is drink a time. Although by nature they don’t last long their effect but they do punch some alcoholic feeling in the very beginning and feel the immediate passage of current flown from the body. By drinking chilled tequila drink you could lose the amount of calories as compared with the calorie loss a gymnast loose in three days by running 100m daily calories in tequila.

Some Benefits of Tequila

Despite the fact of losing weight Tequila also contain some other nutrition’s which would essential for healthy body. This nutrition held in moderation of the body. As per describes above, the drink is obtain from the heart of Blue agaves cactus which is used as a traditional herb for several health benefits. This type of cactus is beneficial for treating bowel syndrome, colitis, Cohn’s disease, colon cancer lose motion, Geodes and other digestion problems. Frusta are which are polysaccharides present in plant also found in this plant which help in easy digestion.

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The frequent use of Tequila would result in high blood pressure and blocking of heart wall. Its regular use may give many heart diseases and could lead to several health problems. Drinking tequila and losing weight is something which seems very enjoyable but its frequent use should be avoided calories in tequila.

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