Facts About Calories In Strawberries That’ll Keep You Up at Night

People really love to eat fruit, and there aren’t many that are as popular as strawberries. These days, we can find just about strawberry nutrition facts anything. In all honesty, there aren’t too many things better than a strawberry smoothie. And while a smoothie assuredly has more calories than the standard strawberry. This that’s really not saying too much, as strawberries really don’t have much in the way of calories. In fact, they are one of the least caloric fruits that a person can ingest. Making this a really good choice for the person who needs something especially satisfying that’s on a low-calorie level on Calories In Strawberries.

Facts About  Calories In Strawberries

There are only 4 fruits that have less calories than the strawberry. Watermelon, lemon, apricots, and starfruit are the only ones that have less than 26 calories per ½ cup. And when you think about it, those four fruits aren’t routinely eaten by a lot of people, and when you consider things like bananas nutrition facts, which contain 67 calories per ½ cup, this statistic is even more impressive. The only more “mainstream” fruit has lower calories than the strawberry is the apple, which actually has the same amount of calories at 26. But, in all honesty, the feeling that one gets from the strawberry, a lot of people find that the strawberry is much more fulfilling.

Although it may not be a large feat, but this fruit is the fact that it receives a pretty good mark on many of the calorie counters out there. About has one that’s been readily considered to be one of their best options around, as theirs has been heralded by many dietitians and medical professionals. According to their counter, strawberries received an “A” rating. But that’s something that most fruits have accomplished. But not many that have the rating that’s less than 50 grams per 1 cup.

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It should be said that strawberries are a perfect snack for just about any occasion. They’re also great for those people who like to take their lunch to work in the morning. Or even has a little snack. As with any of the fruits out there. You’ll find that that the making this a really good choice for the person who needs something. Especially satisfying that’s on a low-calorie level on calories in strawberries. Its offers a nice little pick-up when it gets a little later in the day. And when consider all of the above mentioned nutrition facts. Incorporating more strawberries into your diet will really do wonders for both your snack craving and health. Two things that are paramount for optimal living.

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