Calories in Skim Milk Taboos You Should Break

The presence of low calories in skim milk is one major reason why skimmed milk is being preferred by adults over whole milk. It has been seen that calories in whole milk are much higher than calories in skim milk. In fact, the total amount of calories in whole milk is about two times more than the amount of calories in skim milk. Since this would have a major impact on the diets of people. And the total amount of calories they are taking, it is much better to make use of skimmed milk in drinks that have other calorie inducing ingredients. Here is a look at how the lower amount of calories in skimmed milk. So it can help you in cutting down on unnecessary calories in your diet.

Milk Drinks and Calories in Skim Milk

It is clear that there are a small percentage of people who like to take milk without any additives. A simple glass of milk is not preferred by many and people generally rely on fruit essences, powders and flavors to enhance the taste and appeal of their glass of milk. Consider the example of milk shakes. Milk shakes have become extremely common these days and are one way through which people complete their daily requirements of milk. Hot milk chocolate is yet another way through which you can get your daily milk servings.

Since these specific types of milk drinks have several ingredients that can increase the amount of calories in milk. You need to make sure that you try to reduce this amount as much as possible. Making use of skimmed milk is one such way through. Which you can reduce the overall amount of calories in milk. A glass of skimmed milk has about 30 calories per 100 ml serving size. The overall calories in skim milk come out to be 35 for a single serving. It much lesser than 70 calories in whole milk.

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