How Many Calories are in red wine

You’ve probably heard that the Calories in Red wine you  drink can gain you some weight! While it contains alcohol and sugar, energy-rich compounds. But all the wine they contain the same amount of calories? Is not it rather the accompanying dishes that can threaten your line? Check this calories in red wine page  to see what’s in your bottle.

Calories in Red wine (11.5% alcohol):

72 calories per 100 grams

The wine is not as caloric as you can believe it! Thus, most wines contain only three grams of sugar per 100 ml. The majority of the energy actually comes from alcohol. One gram of ethanol and will provide 7 kcal. The higher the level is low and the bottle will contain fewer calories. While most wines are around 12 ° alcohol, slightly less than 90 calories in total. But some wines can be titrated more (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cotes du Rhone …) and others less (Gros-plant, Vinho Verde …). Finally, it should be considered apart from the sweet white wines and sweet wines (VDN) that are more energy.

Calories in red wine  and values of some other wines

wine alcohol
per 100 ml
carbohydrates energy value
per 100 ml (Calories)
Fortified wines (Muscat, Banyuls) 17 g 7 g 149.8 kcal
Sweet white wines
(Sauternes, Monbazillac)
13.5 g 1.5 g 101.3 Kcal
Red wines 12 °
(Beaujolais, Bourgueil, Bordeaux, Anjou, Gaillac, Saumur, Chardonnay)
12.5 g 0.3 g 89.5 Kcal
Rosé 12 °
(Cabernet d’Anjou, Cotes de Provence)
12 g 0.5 g 86.8 Kcal
Dry white wines 12 °
(Wines of Alsace, Burgundy white wines of Savoy, Pinot blanc, Côtes du Rhône)
12 g 0.5 g 86.4 Kcal
sparkling wines 11 g 1.5 g 83.8 Kcal
Champagne 10 g 2.5 g 80.8 Kcal
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For several years, studies multiply the effects of red wine on cardiovascular health. Is it good, is it bad, is it that calories in red wine are more beneficial than other types of alcohol? Just about everything has been said and it is difficult for the consumer to sort it out. A specialist in the Reference Center on Human Nutrition Extenso, affiliated with the University of Montreal, agreed to take stock and sort out fact from fiction.

“It’s good for the health of drinking red wine, but there are many caveats,” says the director immediately of nutrition and scientific affairs at Extenso, Nathalie Jobin. read more about calories in lettuce and calories in honey First, it is important to note that heart health depends on several factors.It is difficult to assess the effect of consumption of red wine on heart health because many other factors have greater impact, such as diet and exercise. Because these factors vary greatly from one person to another and from one people to another, it is very difficult to achieve accurate results and compelling about the effects of red wine. And it has often been noticed that people who consume a lot of red wine also have a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fish and unsaturated fats.

Calories in Wine and other spirits

At the risk of contradicting a myth, point out that there are not that red wine appears to be good for your health. “Moderate consumption of alcohol would have beneficial effects on the human body, especially because it reduces stress, a factor that increases the risk of suffering from heart disease. Alcohol also dilates the blood vessels, allowing better blood circulation, and finally, it increases the good cholesterol in the blood, “says nutritionist.

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However, it must be very careful about the amount consumed. “A woman should drink no more than one drink per day while a man up to two. People who stick to these amounts and have no medical indication otherwise may consider that their drinking has beneficial aspects of their health,”

Beyond this threshold, the benefits and risks of fading health problems increase. Too much alcohol can raise dramatically the level of blood fats. Its contribute to weight gain, raise blood pressure, cause heart failure and other heart disease, create dependencies, and can be the cause of liver disease and certain cancers.

Antioxidants in red wine

The reason that red wine is more often cited than other types of alcohol for the beneficial effects it has on health, is that in addition to award benefits on the other alcohols, it contains antioxidants, a substance that prevents heart disease and cancer. But again, not everything is black or white. “Some studies have shown that there were other types of antioxidants in beer. In fact, beer is more pigment, the more it contains antioxidants.

However, wine or beer should not be the only source of antioxidants for one person. We find among other antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, meats, seafood and breads and teas.

There are all kinds of antioxidants that have beneficial Calories in red wine effects on various health. And we must get them in various foods. For example, consuming five different fruits or vegetables a day, a person to consume antioxidants ensures diverse and in greater quantities than if it were limited. For example, drinking a glass of red wine per day. And in these foods, there are plenty of other things that are good for health. Unlike alcohol, which is not an essential nutrient..

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Favor of a healthy lifestyle

In sum, it appears that moderate alcohol consumption may have beneficial effects on heart health for men and women. However, alcohol is not recommend as preventive therapy. “People who do not consume alcohol should not start doing it because in the end, it’s not a good habit of taking life, How Many Calories are in red wine.

First, alcohol may be responsible for a significant gain in weight. A glass of wine contains about 100 calories. If a person keeps the same levels of physical activity and does not change his eating habits. While starting to drink a glass of wine a day, it will have gained 10 pounds at the end of the year. “Not everyone can afford that, especially when you know that being overweight increases the risk of contracting heart disease from calories in red wine.

In addition, the beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption calories in red wine on cardiovascular health are not a good reason to start drinking. Because other factors have much more influence. Consuming one or two drinks a day can be beneficial. But this usually does not remove the harmful effects of smoking. A diet high in fat and sodium, low consumption of fruits and vegetables and to a lack of physical activity. The ideal to protect against risk of heart disease is to have good habits. Alcohol may have beneficial effects, but there are many other ways much more healthy to find these effects. Such as eating more fruits and vegetables and do more exercise to relax. And keep fit and use the Calories in red wine

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