Amount of Calories in Milk That You Should Know

The amount of calories in milk depends upon a lot of things. And you really cannot compute this number accurately always. Basically, there are several ingredients in a glass of milk. And it is not always possible to predict the right calorie content in a glass of milk. Calories in a glass of milk would also depend upon the type of milk that has been use. While regular milk has a higher amount of calories, skimmed and semi skimmed milk is known to have lower calorie content. Therefore, in order to determine the calories in milk accurately, you would have to take a look at all of these important factors. Here are some examples that would help you in determining the total amount of calories in milk.

How Many Calories in a Cup of Milk?

Through the examples listed below, you would be able to determine how many calories in a cup of milk exist on a general basis. For estimating the calories in milk, we would be taking a look at the regular serving sizes of 100ml. Starting with the highest amount of calories in milk, you have whole milk as your first alternative. A single serving of 100ml whole milk in a glass is expect to have about 66 calories. The amount of fat in this single serving is about 4 grams.

Although whole milk is consider to be the most natural form, it is known to have a high amount of calories in milk. Moving to the next alternative, you have the category of semi skimmed milk. This category lies between skimmed and whole milk, and has about 50 calories in milk. The skimmed milk has lower amounts of calories in milk, bordering in the range of 30 calories to 40 calories.

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Calories in Milk Chocolate

Now that you have an idea of calories in milk in a simple glass,. You can take a look at the calories in milk chocolate. The amount of calories in milk chocolate can be determine. By taking a look at the ingredients that have been put in the glass. Regular chocolate syrup and sugar can really increase the amount of calories in milk chocolate and this is what you need to think about while estimating the amount of calories in milk.