Calories in Dates of Deglet Noor and Medjool

If you are looking for the best fruit with numerous benefits, dates must be the best answer to it. Recently, there are so many products which are from dates. It happened since dates have so many benefits for our health. Not only for particular gender or age, but dates can also be consumed for all people. There are two kinds of dates which are known in the market. There are degietnoor dates and Medjool dates. Although both of them are dates, there is a different calorie in dates of each kind. So, here are the further information about dates.

Deglet Noor Dates Calories

The first type of dates is degletnoor dates. The calories in dates of degletnoor are higher than the another date. In 100grams of this dates, there is around 282 kcal of calories. Also, there are also 2 gram of sodium, 656 mg of potassium, and 2.5 gram of protein. As the best-recommended fruit, dates also have total carbohydrate of 75 gram with 63 gram of sugar and 8 gram of dietary fiber. There are around 3% to 10% of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Iron, and calcium.

Medjool Dates Calories

From these two kinds of dates, Medjool dates have the lower calories. It contains 277kcal of calories in each 100 grams of serving. In Medjool dates, there are 2% of vitamin A, 6% of calcium, 4% of iron, 10% of vitamin B6, and 13 % of magnesium. With this contain calories in dates, there is only 0.2 gram of total fat with 1gram of sodium. Moreover, there is 696mg of potassium and 1.8 gram of protein. Still, it has carbohydrate for the Medjool dates. Different from degletnoor dates, the Medjool dates has lower total carbs. It has the only 75 gram of total carbohydrate. The dietary fiber is 7 gram while the sugar is 66 gram which is the lower one.

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