How Calories in Cucumbers Made Me a Better Person

Before we get to know how many calories in a cucumber lets learn about it. The cucumber belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, such as melon, zucchini or gherkin, which is simply a variety of small cucumber. It is found almost all year round on the shelves, but its peak season from April to September. There are:

Calories in cucumber

  • Low-calorie: it is one of the least energy vegetables, just  10-15  calories in cucumber per 100 g. And as it is well supplied with fiber, minerals and water soluble vitamins. The nutrient density (that is to say the amount of nutrients given to help 100 calories) is particularly interesting: a real “plus” for slimming diet
  • Many vitamins: it provides a wide range of B vitamins, including vitamin B9 or folic acid (15 g ug/100), vitamin C (9 mg/100 g) and some vitamin E (0.1 mg ). These vitamins are all in the skin than the flesh
  • Draining virtues: rich in water (over 96%), it provides plenty of potassium (150 mg per 100 g) and very little sodium (3 mg), which gives diuretic and draining recognized. It also assigns the calories in a cucumber?  juice fasting absorbing properties purifying and appetizing.
  • Good to know: dermatology, calories in cucumber consider to be softening, due to the presence of specific organic acids, alpha-hydroxy acids. It is use traditionally as a poultice or lotion, to fight against redness, dry patches and itching. Do not keep a close cucumber fruit (especially apples) which, by yielding ethylene, contribute to increase the bitterness.
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Cucumber and Digestion:

To reduce gastrointestinal irritation associated with the consumption of fiber in large quantities. Small enough to prefer the calories in  cucumber. It contains fewer seeds and the flesh is more tender. If you want to seed the cucumber, split it in lengthwise and scoop out just the center with a spoon. It can also reduce the contribution of the strongest fibers. By peeling whole or in part (a band of two) cucumber. It must be remember that in the skin that is the more nutrients.

Important: if you eat the cucumber without the peel, be sure to wash it before you prepare