Calories In Cheese

Calories varies by varieties

If you love Italian food, then cheese is a common ingredient in many dishes, but you must know the calories in cheese to make sure that it is a healthy option for you.

Cheese comes in many different varieties so then amount of calories in cheese also differ with its varieties. Therefore, if you are very health conscious and want to know the amount of calories in the kind of cheese you are going to consume, then you will first have to find out the variety of cheese. The weight has also an effect on the amount of calories in cheese.

Take help of a calorie chart

If you look at the calorie chart of cheese, then you will get the calories mentioned as per grams of cheese. If you are going to consume 28 grams or 1 oz of cheese, then the amount of calories in cheese of the Austrian smoked variety will be 87. Cottage cheese, which is a very common variety of cheese consist of 27 calories in 28 grams quantity. If you are looking for a healthier option, then you can go for half-fat cottage cheese, which has only 22 calories. If you try to find the calories in cheese, then you will come across many other healthy options.

Different varieties

When it comes to calories in cheese, one of the best options is to go for Fromage frais cheese, which has zero percent fat and only 14 calories, which is pretty low. You can even find high calories in cheese varieties like Brie blue, Cambozola, Cheddar vintage, Dolcelatte, Fontina, and many more. If you learn about the calorie content in different varieties, then you can determine which variety you should consume, especially when you are on a balanced diet.

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Know what kind of food you are eating

Nowadays, with the growing concern of weight and diet, electronic calorie counters are also available in the market, which can help you know the amount of calories you intake. You can even use a diet planner to keep a track over the amount of calories in cheese that you consume. These days, you can even find low fat and fat free varieties of cheese. The content of calories in cheese of such varieties is low, and so they are more beneficial for you. Whether you are having a sandwich or a pizza, there is cheese in both of them and it is better to find out how much calories are in these dishes so that you can make a wise pick.

Know more about junk food

There are many online diet programs, which helps you know calories in cheese dishes. Nowadays, food items like burgers and pizzas are very popular and both comprise of cheese. With the help of a calorie counter, you can know about the calories in cheese pizzas or sandwiches. Then only you can make out whether consuming such junk food is healthy for you or not. If you search online, then you can also find out about proteins, fat, and fats that cheese contains apart from the calorie.

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