What Mom Never Told You About Calories in Celeries

Slimming food of choice, celery has a crisp texture and a fragrant aroma that complements the food it accompanies. it can be use as a condiment in a variety of dishes and also enjoys crudity, alone or filled.

A natural eleganceת, The stalk of celery separates into branches of a tender green hollow. Brittle and firm, the branches ending in a serrated foliage.

Good for you … Very low calories in celery, It contains lutein, an antioxidant that reduces the risk of malignancies. Celery contains also acetylene, compounds that would impede the development of certain cancers. When boiled celery is becoming an excellent source of vitamin K and a source of vitamins C and B6.

Celery is a vegetable that is cultivate since the sixteenth century as a vegetable. It also grows in the wild in moist areas.

Such as eggplant or spinach, There are very low calories in celery. They say it is a food “negative calories” because its digestion consumes more calories than it contains. Celery is rich in fiber and minerals, including potassium and sodium chloride. It contains iron. It is said aperitif, diuretic, purgative, stomachache and tonic. We must keep covered in refrigerator.

Calories In Celery

Celery is consider a food with negative calories. Since it takes more calories to get the calories metabolize actually present calories in celery.

To prepare the celery, instead of cutting the tip, it is suggested to break and pull the leaves still attached. Celery will keep for several days by dipping the base of the stem in cold salted water.

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Celery salt, made from ground celery seed and salt, is use to increase juice or cream of vegetable. We use the celery salt in salt-free diets.

Until the Renaissance, celery was used not as a vegetable, but as a medicinal plant for its diuretic and stimulating effect on the nervous system. To all this were add the many properties (including aphrodisiacs) that lent him the popular beliefs.

Nutritional values per 100g celery

  • protein 26g
  • carbohydrates 52g
  • fat 38g
  • Calories In celery 12kcal

Cook it and enjoy – only 18 calories in celery (cooked)

With only 18 kcal/100g, celery is one of the vegetables the least energy (the same as the eggplant or spinach). It has its place in the “kitchen thin” when it is eaten boiled, steam or water, or raw with a light dressing (and especially not “remold” that is to say cheese and seasoned with a mustard mayonnaise with added capers, pickles and herbs).

Celery is high in fiber, ideal to accelerate intestinal transit and fight against constipation. Namely, the fibers are better tolerated when the celery is finely grated or cooked when consumed.

Another plus, it is rich in minerals (5 g/100 g), including potassium. A diet rich in potassium has beneficial effects known for cardiovascular health. Finally, celery provides few trace elements such as selenium, molybdenum and chromium.