How Calories in Bacon isn’t as Bad as You Think

Calories in bacon rashers are high. The average calorie count in a 25g back grilled rasher of bacon is 72 calories, saving around half the calories of cooked streaky bacon. A 100g middle grilled and streaky grilled rasher of bacon is 510 and 535 calories respectively.

The bacon was, so to speak, earned a special place in North America where it became a must to accompany the eggs for breakfast. The term “bacon” comes from Old French “bakko” which meant ham. The bacon is always a salted pork and usually smoked. American bacon is called the thin slices from the pork belly. It is most common in USA and Canada and most used in cooking.

Bacon, which ironically is mostly consumed in the United States comes from the loin and is more like a thin slice of lean ham. It is used almost exclusively with eggs for breakfast. As for the pancetta, Italian bacon is a pork belly with salt and pepper that is dried for three months. It is then presented in a large sausage roll.

Calories in Bacon Culinary Tips and Advice

  • It can burn or jump for high calories in bacon
  • It is recommended to cook over low heat for at least 10 minutes, draining the at that accumulates.
  • Once cooked, the bacon is drained on paper towels to get sliced thinner and crispy calories in bacon
  • You can also use the bacon to flavor sauces and casseroles. Is then fry pieces of bacon with the onions at the beginning of cooking which develops a mild smoke flavor to any dish.
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Here are some suggestions for using the bacon in the kitchen, try the classic:

  • Some well-roasted slices of bacon accompanying “naturally” an omelet Quiches, crepes and salads go very far crispy bacon
  • Any potato baked would be very unhappy without a few grains of crumbled bacon with sour cream together.
  • Are used for bacon larder lean meats, poultry and even scallops before cooking in the oven or on grill.
  • Three slices of white bread, some slices of tomato and roasted chicken, some lettuce, mayonnaise to taste and, of course, bacon and presto! this is the club sandwich.
  • The BLT or bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • In Corsica, is used as pancetta bacon, while elsewhere in Italy, it is commonly found as a garnish on pasta and pizza.
  • Melt bacon and pancetta in a pan until they become crispy for delicious bacon.
  • Caesar salad with some calories in bacon.

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