How Hollywood Got Calories in an Apple All Wrong

We all want to look our best and eating right and exercising is a great way to maintain a healthy body and an overall comfortable weight. If you’re looking for a great tasting snack that is good for you and has no fat, no trans-fats and no cholesterol, then you’ll love this. The good tasting American apple has only 72 calories in an apple and they contain vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, protein and iron. It is also is a good supply of natural sugar, dietary fiber and only has 19 grams of carbohydrates in each one.

Calories in an Apple

Apples are naturally sweet and there are several different kinds to choose from, like granny smith and red delicious and wine sap so you’re sure to find the perfect tasting apple for you and the calories in an apple are low compared to most snack foods. A good apple diet that will help you lose weight, is to simply eat a great tasting apple before each meal. Apples are satisfying and will keep you from over eating to much naturally. The calories in an apple will help you reduce your caloric intake naturally while you’re enjoying the great fresh sweet taste of this amazing fruit.

Okay, now that we know about the great tasting apple and how many calories in an apple per serving, lets cover exercise. Most people lose interest when you mention the exercise word, but exercise is simply keeping active. A walk through a large department store or mall is a good exercise routine. Just like bending over and scooping out a cat’s litter box or doing laundry or working on a car. So don’t discount how much great exercise you’re getting everyday. Enjoy your life and most of all enjoy yourself and everyday you are blessed with.

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