Just the Right Amount of Calories In Almonds for Everyday Life

Do you ever wonder calories in almonds and other meals you are eating every day because you are currently in a strict calorie diet? Then, you have to know the latest news on almonds. It is true that almonds can be found in almost every chocolate desert. It is because the crunchy texture and the taste are perfect to balance out the bitter-sweet of chocolate. That is why most people use almonds as mixture or additional ingredients on chocolate bar or chocolate ice cream. Because they often appear alongside food with high calories, do you think that almonds also contain lots of calories?

How Many Calories In Almonds

The Calorie Count

First let us go to the exact calories in almonds count. In one almond, the calorie is around 7 calorie. That is a small amount. Why is that? Almond is not sweet. It tends to have more salt on it. Salty food is also an indicator of a high amount of calorie, but not in almond. The composition of almond is basically calorie, fat, crab and protein. The main composition of the body of almond is protein. That is why rather than worrying over the amount of calories in 10 almonds, it is better that you focus more on the protein content of the almond.

Almost every species of nuts is high in protein. Almond is also included. Protein is actually an important ingredient for cell regeneration. However, when you consume too much protein, the excess protein will clog the pore and if infected, it could become pimples. This is exactly how eating too much nuts will make pimples on our faces. That is only happening when you have sensitive skin and you consume too much protein in one day. If you consume just enough protein, in-line with your activity in one day, the protein will work in its optimum condition and repairing broken cells perfectly. You do not have to worry about calories in almonds.

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Calorie in Almond

The amount of calories in almonds is not something you have to trouble over. Just like what has been mentioned before, the almond is a type of nut. It is only natural that the main purpose of someone eating nut is not to gain energy. Calories are the ingredient of energy. In the process of producing energy, the calories will be burnt and transformed into energy which is needed in our daily activity. When our body does not demand energy, the calories will not be used and will be converted into fat. That is what makes us fat.

From the explanation above, it is clear that there is nothing to be feared of from almonds. Almonds are tasty, and they have many advantages. If you are ready to make a big move and want to have an ideal body, you just need to reduce some of your calorie intake and increase your daily activity so that all the calories and fat will be burnt down to energy, and you manage to trim down your body. Just like that and you will not have to worry about calories in almonds.

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